Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wicked Secrets (Uniformly Hot!)

Wicked Secrets (Uniformly Hot!) by Anne Marsh

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A brazen bargain! 
Former military pilot Mia Brandt is on a four-day cruise that can only be described as bachelorette hell. Giggling girls, rhinestone-studded bikini bottoms (ugh), slushy margaritas…and Mia missing the cruise ship's departure at the last port. Now she's stranded on the same island as Tag Johnson—a Navy rescue swimmer who's all ripped abs and sexy hotness…and Mia's unforgettable one-nighter from four years ago! 
Tag definitely remembers Mia. Remembers her touch, the searing heat of their chemistry…and how she pulled rank on him in bed. The sexual attraction between them is as fierce as it ever was. But when Tag blurts out that they're engaged—a tiny little lie—their naughty, no-strings secret arrangement is out! And now an even bigger secret has taken its place…

Wicked Secrets (Uniformly Hot!)Wicked Secrets by Anne Marsh
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"I'm going to make sure you get exactly what you need."

Two people who thought they would never see each other again, end up on the same island. Little do they know, how much they need each other. This was a sexy fun book! I love seeing a big strong man with a soft spot for animals. It was fun seeing other characters I've read about as well!

This is a great sexy book to spend your evening reading.

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