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The Surrender Series

Surrender (Surrender, Book 1)

by Melody Anne 

Rafe Palazzo takes what he wants with no regrets. Arianna (Ari) Lynn Harlow has led a charmed life until tragedy strikes her family. He’s looking for a no-emotions attached mistress, she’s looking for redemption. 

They are not a pair that should ever work, but undeniable attraction and devastating tragedies bring them together in the city by the bay where he fights to keep their relationship nothing more than an enjoyable way to meet his needs, and she battles to not lose herself in him. Spending time with Ari starts cracking the hard shell that Rafe has built around his heart, but he denies the affect she has on him until it’s too late to stop the inevitable conclusion that their relationship is headed for.

Rafe once believed in happily ever after, coming from a large Italian family. He’s got the Midas touch, since every endeavor he tries turns to gold. That all ends when his wife walks out the door and leaves him blindsided. His devastation quickly turns to steel when he decides no woman will fool him again. From that point on he treats relationships as nothing more than business transactions where both party’s come out mutually benefited.

Just when Ari has sunk to the lowest she’s ever been she finds an ad in the paper announcing a job that’s too good to be true. It turns out she’s right. She makes it through the intense rounds of interviews only to find out the job is for a mistress to the powerful Rafe Palazzo, owner of Palazzo Enterprises. Rafe gives her a day to think about whether she wants the position or not, and she’s sent on her way, only to find out her mother’s near-terminal position has taken a turn for the worse. Her mom’s only in the hospital because Ari messed up, and her mother’s the one who paid the price. Is Rafe her savior, or will he take her with him straight to the depths of hell?


5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing cliff hangerNovember 12, 2013
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This review is from: Surrender (Surrender, Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
"He owned her body? He could take what he wanted - day or night?"
First, I loved the family dynamic in this series. The way the sisters edge their way in. The way you find out about them and not just Rafe and Arianna!
"He would get what he wanted - he always did. It was just a matter of time."
Talk about leg clenching domineering, demanding men. Rafe is the type that will get you squirming in your seat! This cat and mouse game adds in suspense, sexy romance and more!
"You know what, Mr. Palazzo? I'll tell you. I think you're a pig. I think you just want everything you can't have. Because i've told you that you can't have me, it's been your new mission to acquire me like any of your other possessions. I am not for sale. I am not your new shiny toy, and I think you're actually rather pathetic. Deal with the fact that this is one game you can't win."
Yes this book ends on a cliff hanger, but it's done well and you'll be begging for more!

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Submit (Surrender, Book 2)

Arianna Harlow has a choice. Does she choose love or self-respect? Will she give up her freedom and become nothing but a shadow of herself? 

This is the exciting sequel to the NYT’s and USA Today best-selling book Surrender. In Submit, Ari faces an impossible ultimatum. She needs to decide whether to accept Raffaelo Palazzo’s indecent proposal and stay at his side as his bought mistress, under his complete control in his world and in his bedroom. Rafe holds the keys to her mother’s happiness, and Ari must choose love for her mother or respect for herself and for the morals her mother instilled in her. You’ll find out that decision in this book and discover the unexpected repercussions of what Ari does choose. 

In Surrender, we were also introduced to the dynamic story of Shane Grayson and Lia Palazzo. See where their story leads as the Surrender Series continues. 

Watch as two strong, confident women make choices that will affect their lives forever. 

Who will submit? Will it be the women or the men?


5.0 out of 5 stars great seriesNovember 12, 2013
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This review is from: Submit (Surrender, Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
As we roll through the second book, we find out more about Rafe's sisters, Nick, as well as Rafe and Arianna. I love the way the stories all weave themselves into each other. It's a great way to see about all the characters without feeling overwhelmed.
"This man had the power to break her in two. it would take everything inside her not to allow that to happen."
I enjoyed watching Rafe unravel. As he falls harder for Ari, it just causes so many emotions to flow through you.
"It had been a roller-coaster ride of a day and she could afford to let down her defenses for a brief moment. How badly could it really hurt her in the end? A lot more than she was prepared to deal with."
Once again, this story leads into the next, but for once, I'm not angry with the cliff hangers. I love how well done they are and I'm certainly begging for more!
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Seduced (Surrender, Book 3)

At the end of Submit, Arianna Harlow had enough pride in herself to walk away from Rafe Palazzo, who had started their relationship using blackmail. Though she’d fallen in love with him, she was strong enough to say goodbye. We saw the softer side of Rafe, especially toward the end, but it was too late… 

Or was it? 

Seduced begins almost two years after Ari starts her new life. She is teaching at a community college, and when she asks the class whether they have any questions for her, Rafe is there and has only one: Will you go on a date with me? 

What is Ari’s answer? You’ll find out in the third installment of Melody Anne’s New York Times best-selling series, Surrender. 

Along with Ari’s story, we will see what happens when Shane and Lia become trapped together on an island when a tropical storm hits, and how the sparks will fly again. 

And we can’t forget about Rachel Palazzo, who isn’t looking for love, but finds it in a shocking way. 

This story continues the lives of Ari, Lia and Rachel. These three women are resilient, determined, and worth loving. The question is, whether the men in their lives strong enough to keep them.

's review 
Mar 01, 16  ·  edit

bookshelves: billionaireserotic
Read in February, 2016

As the story continues, we see more and more of Rafe's sisters!
"Was love enough to overcome the pain?" Oh yes, it surely is! As the story continues, you get to see a different side of Rafe, Nick, of all characters actually. As they grow up, and move on with their lives, their relationships change and it's wonderful to see more than just the initial romance with these characters.

Scorched (Surrender, Book 4)

Has Rachel been taken against her will by the powerful King Adriano, known to her as Ian? You will find out in the beginning of a story filled with romance, lust, conflict and heat. 
The king recently ascended the throne of Corythia, and his brother, Gianni, is out for revenge, for what he feels is rightfully his, a kingdom he once renounced. Meanwhile, Rachel is pregnant and determined not to fall for the handsome king’s plot to get her to the altar. 

Shane has left on a mission for his special-operations team, and Lia is heartbroken that once again, the man she loves has lied to her. Do they have a chance of reconciliation, or has their story ended? 

Will Rafe and Ari finally become man and wife? Rafe proposed to Ari in Seduced, and she gave him an emphatic yes, but their wedding was cancelled when Rachel went missing. Will fate succeed in its desperate attempt to keep the couple apart? 

See the conclusion of these three strong women’s stories, and learn what choices they make. Is love enough when the odds are stacked against them? 

5.0 out of 5 stars Couldn't stop, wish it wasn't overMarch 1, 2016
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This review is from: Scorched (Surrender, Book 4) (Kindle Edition)
In this thrilling conclusion to the series, wow. Just wow. We see more Rachel and less of Rafe and Ari. But damn. The suspense, the powerful emotions rolling throug this story just captures you!
"Women were to be appreciated. He could understand that. They were pleasurable to hold in your arms, pleasurable to sink deep inside, and they filled an ache that had to be met, but this sugary, hearts-and-flowers emotion, love, that so many spoke about was nothing more than a myth, a meaningless fantasy." Oh My! Seeing Prince Adrian fall, is almost magical.
"Tomorrow she would be his - body and soul, in his bed. Poor fellow. It never crossed his mind that this wasn't the first time he'd made this vow. When would tomorrow actually come?"
You need to read this entire series. It's so worth it!
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