Tuesday, November 15, 2016

One Touch More (US Marshals Book 3)

One Touch More (US Marshals Book 3) by Mandy Baxter 

One Touch More (US Marshals Book 3) by [Baxter, Mandy]

Strong, relentless, and lethal, he plays every angle to trap the worst criminals.  But for the one woman he can't resist, he'll break all the rules…
For hotel manager Tabitha Martin, bad boys usually spell disaster. And her new guest promises just that, with his formidable build, tattooed biceps, and quiet take-no-mess attitude. Tabitha is already putting everything on the line to escape her vicious drug-dealing ex's control for good—but a single sizzling moment in “Damien Evans'” arms has her wanting all the trouble he can give…
He's been undercover too long and likes living dangerously too much. U. S. Marshal Parker Evans figures maybe that's why he doesn't immediately put Tabitha in custody. Sure, she's his one chance to finally take down a major drug ring. But every minute he protects this mostly innocent blonde leaves his heart all too vulnerable. And the cost of desire could be a deadly endgame…


5.0 out of 5 stars wrong actions for the right reasonsNovember 15, 2016
This review is from: One Touch More (US Marshals Book 3) (Kindle Edition)
I have to say, I loved Damien aka Parker. Not only did the author make him sound irresistibly hot:
"Tall-pushing six two at least - with the body of an MMA ass kicker and an expression that screamed cross me and suffer the consequences, Damien had dangerous bad boy written all over him."

That's just the way I like it. This is an exciting book. With every page, I fell more in love with him and Tab. Doing wrong things for the right reasons made this a book I couldn't put down! I love undercover stories! They add an element of twist to the romance and keep you on your toes. They also bring loyal, protective men to the table! If you like books like that, you must read this!
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