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Alphas Prefer Curves: A Curvy Girl Romance BBW Anthology (Volume One)

Alphas Prefer Curves: A Curvy Girl Romance BBW Anthology (Volume One) by Milly Taiden, Erika Masten, Harper Ashe, Catherine Vale, Aubrey Rose, Jordan Bell, Danielle Duncan, Liliana Rhodes, Malia Mallory, Marian Tee, Oliva Rigal, Alexx Andria, Michelle Fox and Eliza Gayle

Hot alpha males come in all flavors, from fierce shifters and swaggering rockstars to bad boy bikers and seductive billionaires, men of action and passion. In this collection of standalone BBW romance novels and novellas by the writers of the wildly popular Curvy Girl Romance group, the hunky heroes all have one thing in common: these alphas prefer curves. 

Dangerous Protector by Milly Taiden 
Cynthia Vega had a good reason to leave James Brock, the only man she loved, after accepting his marriage proposal. Now she's back. And he's not willing to ignore their chemistry or the past. 

A Prowl On The Wild Side by Erika Masten 
Curvy girl Vanessa is haunted by nightmares, dreams of being an animal, and sleepwalks naked. What’s she doing losing her heart to a 6’4” Nordic Adonis with fangs and fur? That’s just crazy. 

Bear Biker Love by Harper Ashe 
He’s a sexy, leather-wearing Alpha bear who needs to find his mate. She’s a curvy, brunette BBW who believes in fate. Will they take a romantic ride with destiny? 

Bear The Heat by Catherine Vale 
Rescuing Sonya from a fire is only the beginning. It's instant chemistry, a passion that burns as bright as the very fires that threaten to consume them. 

Heartbitten by Aubrey Rose 
When a snarky billionaire vampire meets a curvy grad student, he loses his heart and finds true love. 

Distracting the Billionaire’s Son by Jordan Bell 
Curvy girl Jessica discovers a distraction in Jonah that could help them both forget the troubles that soon threaten to destroy what fragile pleasure they've found in each other. 

The Billionaire’s Curvy Guide by Danielle Duncan 
When Zoe and Bastian meet, it's magnetic. But Zoe doesn't want to risk her job and Bastian won't back down. Only one of them can win this battle of wills--but what will the loser really lose? 

Soldier by Liliana Rhodes 
Hitman, killer, Dante Gambino, that’s who I am, but none of it mattered until I met Gia. I will protect her and keep her safe, but doing so will push her away forever. I must kill her brother. 

Something True by Malia Mallory 
Rocker Liam Smith’s in trouble-again. A charity founded to entertain hospitalized kids seems ideal for his community service, and the director Shelley Taylor is as curvy as his favorite guitar. 

Heart Racer by Marian Tee 
Greek billionaire biker Leandro Christopoulos wants snarky Roberta as his fake girlfriend, and he's willing to lie about loving her to make it happen. 

Jade by Olivia Rigal 
For a young genius like Jade few things are a challenge except maybe a bowl of ice cream or a normal conversation with a guy. Until Oliver shows her curves are meant to be rocked. 

Kings of Asphalt by Alexx Andria 
Curvy reporter Zoe Delacourte wants MC leaders Jax Traeger and Hunter Ericksen. Some might call them bad men but Zoe doesn't care! She wants the bad boys in her bed! 

Operation: Burlesque by Michelle Fox 
When Ruby Palmer signs on to work as a seamstress for the steamy Cirque D’Amour, the spotlight won’t take no for an answer, and neither will the circus’ handsome, enigmatic magician, Blake Cannon. 

KANE by Eliza Gayle 
Kane Gunn has a kill order to fill and when he catches the curvy woman who’s become his obsession he is consumed by a desire that overwhelms everything, including his quest for justice.


4.0 out of 5 stars Great Box SetJanuary 14, 2015
This review is from: Alphas Prefer Curves: A Curvy Girl Romance BBW Anthology (Volume One) (Kindle Edition)
**I received this book free in exchange for an honest review**
Dangerous Protector by Milly Taiden 5 stars
I fell in love with Brock! So protective and sexy! Mmm. Cyn was awesome. I love how she stood her ground and was strong though battling some demons of her past! This book is another great example of why I love this author!!! Sexy exciting paranormal romance at it's best!

A Prowl On The Wild Side by Erika Masten 5 stars
What's sexier? Wolf Shifter, Vikingesque looking man or both? Mmm, this is one sexy little story that had me captive! At the end I was screaming at my kindle. I wanted more! I need more! I'll be stalking this author for more stories!

Bear Biker Love by Harper Ashe 5 stars
"Some women preferred a man in a tailored suit. Not Nina. Levi's worn low on the hips, not too loose, paired with a slightly fitted tee. That's what got her motor running." Me too Nina, me too. Yummy yum. Talk about sexy Bear shifter?! I fell in love with this book and certainly am excited to read more! Another author I'll be stalking.

Bear The Heat by Catherine Vale 4 stars
Firemen, shifters, fighting and more. This has so many sexy elements that you don't need anymore! Either way, this was an awesome shifter story. I loved Caleb and Sonya. A man that cooks, gives footrubs, holy moly! This whole box set so far has been amazing and I'm finding authors I didn't know and am now in love with! The only reason this story was 4 stars was there were some errors in a few spots and I felt like the timeline just didn't work right for me. It felt off a little.

Heartbitten by Aubrey Rose 3 stars
This one wasn't really a favorite. There was so much science talk that it actually started to bore me. Then the story starts to get better. Vampires, billionaires and what not. Sexyness. But then, after all the drama and build up, the ending just... fizzled for me. It was just over and I had expected, I don't know. more... or if there had been less drama maybe the ending would have been better for me.

Distracting the Billionaire’s Son by Jordan Bell 4 stars
"These are my favorite things in the whole world. How have I lived so long without them?" OMG. Jonah was the dark, brooding, black sheep of the rich family. Jessica, the sisters best friend. But wow. If he commanded me around like he did her, I'd be a puddle in my pants too! This was certainly a sex story! I felt that the parent drama put it a little too much into the college drama and less sexy, so it's only 4 stars, but it was still a good read.

The Billionaire’s Curvy Guide by Danielle Duncan 5 stars
This was a good read. No drama, no craziness. This was just a sweet, sexy romance where you actually see the romance. It wasn't just, hey, you're hot, let's screw. I rather enjoyed this story and this is a new to me author I'll be adding to my TBR.

Soldier by Liliana Rhodes 5 stars
I plan to get more of these stories (if there are more) because I loved Dante and Gia, but I'm a huge fan of the mafia-esque romances. Tough killer, sweet sexy innocent woman? What's not to love? Hmmm.. I really liked this story. I certainly need to see more!

Something True by Malia Mallory 4 stars
This was a sexy little rocker romance. But, that was it. I doubt I would waste my time on a 2nd book. I feel like everything was wrapped up really well. The characters were slightly boring despite their "famousness". It was a good story, just nothing to leave me craving more.

Heart Racer by Marina Tee 2 stars
I think this title is wrong, and if not, then the book in here is wrong. It wasn't about Helios. It was about Leandro and Bobby. Either way, I truly disliked this story. I felt the characters (though portrayed to be more mature than their college ages) acted childish. They were impetuous and I didn't believe for a second that they were really in love. I never felt it. Then, the author tries to make Bobby act all hurt and fragile, but yet she jumps into it with Leandro? The story was all over the place. I really didn't feel it. Then to have 2 parts, not just 1, I really wasn't a fan. I just feel it was forced and fake. I was going to give it 3 stars, but once I read the ending, I lost it. The ending was the worst part of this story. It just didn't fit with the story at all. It was a waste for me.

Jade by Olivia Rigal 3 stars
This story actually bored me. I felt it was more about the story than the romance and I don't want that to sound bad. I like a story with my romance. But this was really just.. it bored me. Drawn out, lagging. Too much happening. I couldn't get into it.

Kings of Asphalt by Alexx Andria 4 stars
This was actually an awesome book. I enjoyed the threesome aspect. One powerful man rocks. Two is bliss! The story line read like an action movie, only sexier. There were a few things that bugged me though. How unoriginal, to have a biker named Jax. "The scent of something slippery." Can something smell slippery? It annoyed me. Other than that, This was one great read!

Operation: Burlesque by Michlle Fox 3 stars
This was ok. I wasn't really into this story. It felt all over the place. I had no clue what was going on. I didn't like Blake. He was sort of a douche. I didn't feel "Alpha" from him at all. Ruby was naive and didn't seem as cool as they tried to make her out to be. It's not a horrible story, it just, wasn't that good. It barely kept my interest.

KANE by Eliza Gayle 5 stars
I've read Bad Kitty. I love these characters. This story about revenge that leaves you wanting more, wondering where the story goes from there, it's a great read. It's interesting to see how things end up the way they do in later books. Cougars, hot, sexy, actions, guns, mmmm... this story has it all and moved right on up towards my top faves in this book!

In all, this is an interesting mix of stories in this box set. They range from awesome, to boring. But either way, there's lots of sexiness in between these covers! Enjoy
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