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Love, Laughter, and Merrily Ever After

Love, Laughter, and Merrily Ever After

by Violet Duke, Sawyer Bennet, Melody Grace, Karen Erickson, Janelle Denison, Cathryn Fox, Jessie Evans, Alannah Lynne, Mari Carr, Marquita Valentine

IF I RETURN by Sawyer Bennett 
Hope Camden is relentlessly serious, awkwardly shy, and in complete need of a walk on the wilder side. At least, that's what her sister tells her when she drags her off on an impromptu Christmas getaway in the mountains, where Hope meets gorgeous, enigmatic Army helicopter pilot Jack Freeman...who's headed off to war in a week. 

SEDUCING SANTA by Janelle Denison (aka Erika Wilde) 
All Faith Roberts wants for Christmas is one sexy night with Matthew Carlton, the hot, gorgeous pediatric surgeon posing as Santa for a visit to the children's ward where she volunteers. While Matthew is more than willing to fulfill her naughty wishes, he's determined to show Faith that he's the kind of gift that keeps on giving. 

TWELVE DATES OF CHRISTMAS by Jessie Evans (aka J. Evans) 
When Lula Jo refused Carter's proposal one dark December night--unwilling to abandon her hometown to live the dangerous life of a treasure hunter's wife--the holiday lights went out in her heart. She vowed to keep her distance from dangerous men and untamed cowboys. But now Carter is back and hoping for a holiday miracle to reunite him with his first and only love. 

DECKING DREW by Violet Duke 
If anyone can make Drew Lawson believe in the magic of Christmas, of course the universe would pick the addictively sweet, mind-wreckingly beautiful Skylar Sullivan to try. She's only the girl-next-door of his dreams he'd classified as completely off-limits two years ago...the same one now standing on his doorstep on Christmas eve. 

FAIRIES & WISHES by Karen Erickson (aka Monica Murphy) 
Lily the holiday fairy is given a new assignment this Christmas season--teach a lonely doctor how to love again. But all Lily knows how to do is gently coerce people into embracing the Christmas spirit; she doesn't have a clue what love really is. So imagine her surprise when she falls madly in love--and lust--with the good doctor in the process. 

It's Christmas Eve, and all seven of the Collins siblings have gathered together to give their father Patrick a precious gift. Gather 'round the tree and join the Collins family as they pass a bottle of Jameson, and Patrick shares the story of how he won the heart of Sunday, his true love, his soul mate...and the mother of his seven Wild Irish. 

UNWRAPPED by Melody Grace 
Lacey James is wild, spontaneous, and up for anything. Daniel Sullivan is careful, sensible, and mending his broken heart. When the unlikely pair get stranded together on the way home for the holidays, Lacey finds her long-term crush impossible to ignore. And as a game of truth or dare spins out of control, Daniel discovers the one girl he truly wants is the last person he expected. 

HIS CHRISTMAS WISH by Marquita Valentine 
War hero Joaquin Morales is back in Holland Springs for the first time in years. His mission? To convince his wife that they have a future together. But falling in love with her husband for the second time is not a part of Sage Caswell's plans this holiday Season. With the help of a little Christmas magic (and a well-timed snowstorm), can Joaquin and Sage's dreams come true? 

HOLIDAY SPIRIT by Cathryn Fox 
What's a girl to do when she finds herself held captive in a bedroom--with the man she's been lusting after for months--by a voyeuristic spirit on Christmas Eve? Give it what it wants, of course. If a holiday romp with her sexy co-worker is what it'll take for Elly Watson to solve her latest Paranormal Task Force case, she's up for the challenge...over and over again if need be. 

All Samantha Mazze wants for Christmas is to create the perfect Christmas Eve celebration for her friends and family. The house is decorated, the meal has been prepared, the guests are arriving...what could possibly go wrong? Come spend the holidays with your friends from the Heat Wave series, and meet a few new additions.


4.0 out of 5 stars Happy HolidaysJanuary 2, 2015
This review is from: Love, Laughter, and Merrily Ever Afters (Ten Holiday Novellas by Ten NYT & USA Today Bestselling Authors) (Kindle Edition)
This was a great box set. I loved the stories, each author bringing their own touch to the Holidays. There were some editing errors sprinkled throughout every story. It' wasn't just one. But they aren't huge mistakes! Just some small ones here and there.

TWELVE DATES OF CHRISTMAS by Jessie Evans - I feel like Lula fell for Carter's story too quick, but this story was a super sweet romance. I love second chances!

SEDUCING SANTA by Janelle Denison (aka Erika Wilde) - "And what a nice, refreshing change it was to have a woman not want to relieve him of his money." This was sweet and super sexy!! This story is bound to leave you breathless. It was one heck of a heart warming, panty soaking story.

HIS CHRISTMAS WISH by Marquita Valentine - "I'll go to church on Sunday and make an announcement in front of God and your momma." Talk about a true southern threat! There's nothing like the gossip of church folk! Military heroes and holidays. This is one super romantic story. I loved this book and the characters. They were well written, stubborn but you could tell their love was real!

WILD IRISH CHRISTMAS by Mari Carr - I love stories about how parents met, but this one just didn't strike a chord with me. It's a sweet story, but I found myself scanning the pages to et through it. It just seemed to lack that oomph to keep me reading.

DECKING DREW by Violet Duke - "Your crazy Skylar transformations never failed to bring Christmas to life. Infinitely more magical for all of us each year." A thoughtful light entered his eyes. "So maybe that's your answer." He grinned. "Maybe yu just have to deck Drew, too." This was a great story but I wish it hadn't ended. I wanted to know more!! I need more! This was such a beautiful story. I could feel the characters pain, I could feel her heart ache. Beautifully written.

FAIRIES & WISHES by Karen Erickson (aka Monica Murphy) - Lily's naivete was cute and it was adorable how she let her inhibitions go. Some things she says are crazy and you don't expect them, but seeing her change and realize what she wants made a cute story.

IF I RETURN by Sawyer Bennett - I really really enjoyed this story. The beginning and end flowed great together. The story was sexy, beautiful and one of my favorites in this box set! It was a lovely read!

UNWRAPPED by Melody Grace - It was cute watching Lacey get Daniel to unwind. Seeing these two do the tango, dancing around each other, unsure of the fact that they have the same feelings, made for a great read. It was sweet and sexy all wrapped up into one.

HOLIDAY SPIRIT by Cathryn Fox - This was super short. I feel like I expected more, after the longer stories in this box set, this book was literally to the point and there's not much to it. I sort of felt like there wasn't much build up or development. I would have liked to see more from this.

A CHRISTMAS HEAT WAVE by Alannah Lynne - I wasn't a fan of this book. It keeps jumping from character to character and I didn't feel it. I wasn't feeling the romance, it wasn't sexy, it felt more like a beginning of a soap opera where you meet all the characters and that's it. It fell completely flat for me.
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