Thursday, April 2, 2015

Angel Dreams (An Angel Falls Book 2)

Angel Dreams (An Angel Falls Book 2) by Jody A Kessler

Supernatural boundaries will be crossed as Angel of Death, Nathaniel Evans, risks his eternal soul to save the one he loves, the paranormally gifted and nature-loving, Juliana Crowson. 
While working with a new client, Nathaniel finds out that pissing off a demon-wielding warlock in order to help a suicidal teen with misplaced sexual tendencies may be the last thing he ever does as an angel. Unable to stand aside, Juliana’s involvement in Nathaniel’s new case quickly develops into a misadventure with gun-toting bikers, table dancing, and a shamanic exorcism performed by her temperamental Native American friend, Chris Abeyta. 
Can Nathaniel and Juliana’s love endure blood-letting rituals in the forest while helping a terrified teen find the will to live, or will fate and the rules of the afterlife tear them eternally apart? 


3.0 out of 5 stars It's ok for YA, I couldn't connectApril 2, 2015
This review is from: Angel Dreams (An Angel Falls Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
*I received this book free in exchange for an honest review*
I couldn't get into this book. I feel like I missed something. Maybe I should have read book 1, I don't know. But I really didn't understand where we were or what was going on. As the book progressed, a little of it cleared up. I could see this being an ok romance for YA, but it really held no interest for me. It was slow moving. I really disliked Juliana. I just couldn't connect with her at all. Maybe I should read the first book and I'll feel differently. We'll see.
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