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Mistletoe, Mischief, and the Marquis (The Heirs' Club)

Mistletoe, Mischief, and the Marquis (The Heirs' Club) by Amelia Grey

Mistletoe, Mischief, and the Marquis (The Heirs' Club) by [Grey, Amelia]

The Marquis of Wythebury, is expecting an ordinary Christmastide at Hurst—until he is set upon by a beautiful miss who takes him to task for not allowing his young nephews to play outside. In his mind, a five and seven year old needn’t get chilled in the snow; better to plop them in front of the fire with a book. Few people have ever been brave enough to challenge him over anything, much less the rearing of his wards. The cheeky Miss Prim has no such compunction. No matter how fetching he finds her, he can’t give in to his attraction…for she is the sister of his best friend.
Growing up the middle child of five rambunctious girls, Lillian Prim doesn’t understand why two young boys visiting Hurst don’t know how to play until she meets their dashing guardian. The Marquis of Wythebury is commanding and intensely serious-minded. To her surprise, she’s captivated by him. It’s all she can do not to give into her feminine fantasies about her kissing him. Lillian has no intention of falling in love with the Marquis, but she will create Christmastide mischief and teach the boys and the handsome Marquis how to play, in Mistletoe, Mischief, and the Marquis, by New York Times bestselling author Amelia Grey.


5.0 out of 5 stars holiday romanceDecember 4, 2016
This review is from: Mistletoe, Mischief, and the Marquis (The Heirs' Club) (Kindle Edition)
Oh how funny Lillian brings trouble and fun into Seth's well scheduled life. Everything, including raising his nephews, is so meticulously mapped out, that he doesn't know how to deal with her. Another fun and romantic story in the Heirs Club series that will bring some holiday joy into your reading life.
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