Friday, July 12, 2013

DARK ANGEL: A Mafia Romance -- Book One: Hunter, Hunted

DARK ANGEL: A Mafia Romance -- Book One: Hunter, Hunted by Angela Jordan

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A sizzling romance with sex so hot, it leaves a body count...

Karen's a free spirit, and she's not about to let anyone boss her around -- that is, until she meets Angelo DeSilva. But Angelo's got a secret... 

Can Karen keep her head on her shoulders, even as she gets wrapped up deeper and deeper into Angelo's dark world? 

Or is she doomed to fall prey to her DARK ANGEL?

***Note: This book contains explicit sex scenes. For ages 17+.***

Dark Angel (Hunter, Hunted #1)Dark Angel by Angela Jordan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Where has this author been hiding? This book was hot, it was erotic, it was demanding and now I'm freaking out wondering where the next installment is! Damn, even I'm already in love with Angelo. That man could soak a woman's panties with just a look. I have a feeling he's going to quickly become a lot of women's new book boyfriend! He's already mine! This is a quick, hot read, pick it up!!

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  1. I was very pleased by this book. It is totally cute.