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Kamilla (Amity)

Kamilla (Amity) by Kristen Lee

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Kamilla Seymour has a secret she has never told anyone. A secret that helps her as a prosecutor, but has destroyed her past three relationships. 

Now she finds herself in Amity, a tiny town with events so strange that one might be tempted to explain it away with magic. If it weren't for her secret, she would scoff at such silliness. Then there is also the super-sexy Sheriff Xander DuPont, constantly flirting and tempting her. Magic could definitely be used to understand the attraction she feels while fighting off his non-stop advances. Not that she really wants to fight it. All she wants to do is... well, she wants to do the sheriff, but her past and her secret is holding her hostage. 

Another strange event in town forces both Xander and Kamilla to share secrets they never thought they would in order to save Amity from a looming and unknown threat.

Warning: This is a novella from Kirsten's naughty list. Yes, it is a naughty book, with all kinds of naughty thoughts resulting in deliciously naughty actions. Graphic description of these naughty actions might make you blush, so be careful where you read this approx 62 pages of naughtiness! Enjoy!!

Kamilla (Amity, #1)Kamilla by Kirsten Lee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a fast, cute little read. I like the paranormal aspects of it and the fact that there will be more books in this series. I like we will be meeting new characters. I hate the insta-love trap that seemed to happen, but, it is explained. I just think the female character would have been stronger had she held out a little more, or there was some more banter. I also wish it explained a little more in the beginning instead of waiting so long in the story. But all in all, this is a great short read!

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