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Touchback by Don Handfield

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When Scott Murphy scored the winning touchdown in the 1991 state championship game, it should have launched a golden future—the full scholarship to Ohio State, the million-dollar signing bonus, marriage to the beauty queen, and NFL glory.

Instead, it all ended with a sickening pop as his leg shattered in four places. The next twenty years would be a study in Murphy’s Law—whatever could go wrong did. Just when things seem at their worst—he's losing his farm, his relationship with his wife is crumbling—a miracle happens: Murphy gets a chance to reboot his life.

Back in his teenaged body in 1991, he realizes by changing his past, he can have the future he always wanted. Everything he lost is within his reach, even his high-school sweetheart.

But what about the devoted wife he left behind? Torn between two women—two lives—he can only choose one future. Murphy must decide if getting everything he’s ever wanted is worth giving up everything he’s ever had…

TouchbackTouchback by Don Handfield
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This book was amazing. Has there ever been a point in your life that you felt, "If I could change that, things would be different"? Would you want to change things? Think about where you are in your life now. If you're happy, if you're loved, and you go back to change things, you will lose it all. It's a hard choice. But in this book, that's what Scott Murphy is faced with. A chance to change his fate, his life, and live it out how he felt it should have been. I couldn't stop reading this book. The emotions pouring out of Murphy felt so real, I cried. I laughed. I was so moved by this book. If you want a real feel book, and if you LOVE football like I do, read this!

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