Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Atlantic Pyramid

Atlantic Pyramid by Michelle Lowe

The flight started out as usual for flight instructor, Heath Sharp, and his student, Gavin Cole, until a sudden storm forces them to crash into the Atlantic Ocean. Heath awakens to find Gavin dead and his plane stuck in the middle of a historical junkyard. The Bermuda Triangle has claimed hundreds of ships and planes over the centuries and Heath has accidentally happened upon them. Set in the center of the junkyard is an island inhabited by nearly every pilot, sailor, and passenger of those lost transporters, still alive and unchanged. The island is the centerpiece of one of the world’s greatest mysteries and there is no escape for anyone caught in its web. Yet Heath refuses to believe this foggy, dark place will become his last destination and searches for the greatest unfound treasure of all: a way out.

3.0 out of 5 stars Too longNovember 17, 2015
This review is from: Atlantic Pyramid (Kindle Edition)
I found it hard to really get into this book. It was an interesting theory of the Bermuda Triangle. The explanation, when we finally get around to it, is intriguing. I've always had an interest in this topic and was excited to have a fictional novel about it. The story starts out with a bang. The first 20% was highly interesting. The problem being, it took so long for explanations and they were long winded, I found myself setting this book aside for days at a time, fighting to finish it. I wanted to know if those trapped on this island, made it out, so I kept with it. If you're into sci-fi, and not much action, this is going to be a great read for you. I wanted to see more action. Less explaining, more doing. The author has a great way of creating a scene. Making sure you know what everything looks like. The descriptions were fluid and in depth. I think what it lacked, besides action, was an emotional connection. Yes, they try to create a romance between two of the characters, but they are so quickly separated that it's a fleeting moment. In all this is a well written sci fi story, I just feel that for me, and my taste, it wasn't a knock out, five star read.
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