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Falling for Alexander (Corkscrew Bay #2)

Falling for Alexander (Corkscrew Bay #2) by Claire Robyns

Corkscrew Bay Series (Book 2)
Each book in this series can be read as a standalone story

Falling for…
Kate’s waited three years to meet the new owner of Darrock Castle. What she did not expect was her intense attraction to the sexy-as-sin recluse billionaire with dubious scruples that included—but was possibly not limited to—random threats, unreasonable firings, community snubbing and suspicious helicopter activity. But she’s falling, sinking to the bottom, and there she finds a vulnerability in the man she’d never have imagined.

When Alexander Gerardo decides to teach the local reporter a lesson, what he finds instead is a woman who fills spaces he’d never known were there. Who crashes over walls he would have sworn he’d never erected. His natural aversion to the media has deep roots, but when it comes to Kate, he’s never wanted anything or anyone else more. Even if it means he’s playing with fire and tempting disaster.

Corkscrew Bay Series:
#1 Falling for The Guy Next Door 
#2 Falling for Alexander

Falling for Alexander (Corkscrew Bay, #2)Falling for Alexander by Claire Robyns
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Certainly a cute romance. I hate jerk lead men though. I dislike how they over react and get angry, then the women just say, oh, ok, I forgive you. I mean really? The whole story worked for me, except that. Either way, a cute, fun read and you don't have to worry if you didn't read the first in the series. You certainly don't feel left out!

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