Saturday, February 15, 2014

After The Moon Sets (Werewolf Paranormal Romance)

After The Moon Sets (Werewolf Paranormal Romance) by Reba Taylor

Hanah is a vampire hunter in a world where humans, vampires and werewolves all coexist. After a war lasting 3 long years, peace may finally be on the table. 

However, until the treaty is finalized Hanah must do her job. 

When Hanah is hired by Aiden, the Alpha of the Detroit pack of werewolves, to seek out a particularly dangerous vampire she knows she'll have to use all her experience and skill. Yet, the danger is much closer than she thinks and when Aiden chooses her as his mate, who knows what will happen After The Moon Sets... 

After The Moon SetsAfter The Moon Sets by Reba Taylor
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Ok, this book, is a train wreck. First. It needs an editor that does more than spell check. There are wrong words throughout the whole book, so it reads stilted! For example, My name is Hanah, and most would see me as an average CAUSATION female? huh? There's a lot of this through out the book. Simple fix, would read much better.
Second, it's so short and abrupt, the reader is left wondering WTF. I understand cliff hangers are a huge part of selling the next book, but for me, it didn't leave me wanting more. I felt more like, Meh, whatever. I mean, I certainly would never pay $2.99 for 29 pages! That's outrageous. Maybe the author should consider their pricing too. Maybe 99 cents...? But not $2.99. The book isn't worth that!

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