Friday, February 28, 2014

Lost Honor

Lost Honor by Loreen Augeri

Captain Morgan Danvers sets sail to rescue his brother, kidnapped by pirates. Fearing he will become like his father who abandoned him, he has cut himself off from his emotions. Then a willful stowaway crashes into his life, awakening dormant feelings and firing his lust. Soon he finds his all-important honor threatened, for even though he is betrothed to another, he is drawn to her against his will.

Arianna Pemberton hides in a barrel she thinks will be loaded on her brother's ship but lands on Morgan's brig. Her father has forbidden her to sail, and this is her only course of action. Unwilling to allow a man to control her, she is determined to make her way as a seaman, a profession she knows and loves. But when Captain Danvers discovers her deception, he refuses to permit her to prove herself. As she struggles to convince him, unwanted passion emerges, jeopardizing her plans for independence.

Can Morgan and Arianna stifle their feelings and successfully accomplish their goals?

Lost HonorLost Honor by Loreen Augeri
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a sweet historical romance. Pirates, ships, danger, love, it had it all. It was nice to see a historical not so caught up with prim and proper ladies. I enjoyed the plot, the emotions were well conveyed. I really liked the characters. Arianna was spunky though a bit annoying at times when she did what she wanted. Morgan seemed sexy but moody. The story was predictible but cute. It wasn't the best of historicals I've read, but it was certainly interesting and a little steamy. It's a good read to get you through a weekend.

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