Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Flame (Fireborn)

Flame (Fireborn)  by Mari-Arden

Some secrets change your life forever. 

Have you ever felt invisible? I do. Everyday. I can't get close to anyone, and people can't get close to me. Everytime I feel a friendship beginning, something inevitably happens, and I become invisible again. Unseen. Ignored. It's been a part of me for so long that it's hard to imagine anything different. 

Then the Saguinox arrive, and my life is forever altered. People are fascinated by these beautiful creatures who look and talk like us. They're alluring. Seductive. Intoxicating. And two of them are going to my school. Rhys is everything I shouldn't want, but his eyes are like something from a memory. I can't help but be intrigued. He's the only one who can really see me. 

Some secrets you're better off not knowing. 

I had been found on a cold winter night with nothing but a blanket, and ashes covering my skin. My mother saved me from death, and took me in with love. But she couldn't save herself. I didn't think heroes were real anymore until the day Kaiden saved me. I couldn't believe in miracles until the day he revealed I was the miracle they had all been hoping for. Deep inside I always knew my past mattered.

I just didn't know my life would depend on it.

Flame (Fireborn, #1)Flame by Mari Arden
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I'm conflicted in this book. It wasn't garbage, but.. it wasn't spectacular. It was a quick read, it did hold my interest for the most part. Some areas drag really bad. At first, I got excited about aliens, in a high school, love... real sci-fi. But then it took this whole magical, kidnapping twist that really was hard to like. It's as if every YA paranormal romance that is a hit right now, is folded into one. It didn't seem to completely fit, sometimes things are just too much. I was absolutely loving it, when it was just aliens. Then I got bored when they mixed, then I loved it when it was magic. I feel there could have been two separate books there. Your "hero" Rhys is very hard to like. Other than that, not much character development. I feel like the book would have been better had it stuck with only aliens, or only magic. Blending the two is like a horrible hybrid gone wrong.

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