Saturday, March 1, 2014

Melting Ice (SEALs On Fire)

Melting Ice (SEALs On Fire) by Nicole Austin

Syndra Banks should be thrilled by an invitation to join SEAL team Arapahoe in Key West. Instead, the text Ice summoning her pisses her off. He calls and she goes running, without fail, every time. And now she doesn't have a choice. If Syn wants to get her personal life moving forward, she has to see him again to break it off.

Master Chief Sam Westervelt has lost his edge. Syn has melted the ice running through his veins, turning it into a river of molten lust. His discipline is shot and he's daydreaming about intense, steamy sex while on missions, putting his entire team at risk. But he has a surefire plan all figured out if he can just toe the line a little longer.

Sometimes getting what you want is as simple as reaching out, grabbing hold, and not letting go.

Melting Ice (SEALs On Fire #5)Melting Ice by Nicole Austin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a sexy short read. Other than their relationship, there isn't much to this book. If you're looking for a long love story, find something else. If you want something hot, steamy, sexy and short, pick this up. It was good! I enjoy the slightly dominant aspect of ICE. I also found the ending humorous. It was a really good story.

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