Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Murder Farm

The Murder Farm by Andrea Marie Schenkel

The Times Literary Supplement said of The Murder Farm, “With only a limited number of ways in which violent death can be investigated, crime writers have to use considerable ingenuity to bring anything fresh to the genre. Andrea Maria Schenkel has done it in her first novel.” 
The first author to achieve a consecutive win of the German Crime Prize, Schenkel has won first place for both The Murder Farm and Ice Cold.
The Murder Farm begins with a shock: a whole family has been murdered with a pickaxe. They were old Danner the farmer, an overbearing patriarch; his put-upon devoutly religious wife; and their daughter Barbara Spangler, whose husband Vincenz left her after fathering her daughter little Marianne. She also had a son, two-year-old Josef, the result of her affair with local farmer Georg Hauer after his wife’s death from cancer. Hauer himself claimed paternity. Also murdered was the Danners’ maidservant, Marie. 
An unconventional detective story, The Murder Farm is an exciting blend of eyewitness account, third-person narrative, pious diatribes, and incomplete case file that will keep readers guessing. When we leave the narrator, not even he knows the truth, and only the reader is able to reach the shattering conclusion.


2.0 out of 5 stars Not as good as I thought it would beJune 24, 2014
This review is from: The Murder Farm (Kindle Edition)
I thought I'd be getting into a great mystery. But, in reality, it's a boring book. I liked the style that the chapters were like interviews with witnesses, but that's it. There's so much else going on, side stories and what not, that by the end I was ust like, Meh, whatever. It didn't impress me, didn't make me think, and certainly didn't make me turn the pages. I grew bored quite quickly in the story. The writing just didn't feel right. This could have been a better story, if it was done right.
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