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Undiluted Minds

Undiluted Minds by Danae Ayusso

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Korin and Micha had only one thing in common: they had each discovered their dead mother’s body. While the residual effect is different – Korin’s depressed and Micha’s legally insane – the resulting resolution is the same, and they find themselves in therapy where their lives truly begin. 
Korin is a reserved gifted trumpet player who is bitter at the world, where Micha is a talented artist who wears costumes every day and takes life by the throat. Their first meeting in therapy alters both of their lives and a whirl wind romance begins. What therapy could not repair, they find cures for within each other. 
UNDILUTED MINDS is a 62,000 word coming-of-age novel with comical pop culture references, hysterical adventures, and borderline felonies. The intense love building between the polar opposites is woven deeply throughout until the tragic ending. As Micha would say, “Not all stories have a happy ending, sometimes life just sucks and that is why we need to shut up and enjoy the ride.”

Undiluted MindsUndiluted Minds by Danae Ayusso
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Though the characters were young, I truly loved this book! The story was funny and chaotic. Each character had their own version of craziness and yet it wound itself into a wonderful YA story. The drama, the pain, the loss, all made for a fantastic book. Even adults will love this. Korin, the so called straight laced boy lets loose and finds his true self when paired with Micha, the crazy girl.

Lines like:
Things I've always wanted to say on Oprah:
You get a book! You get a book! You get a book! But not you, you're ugly.

You'll be laughing at the truly unexpected things in this book. You need to read this!

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