Thursday, November 14, 2013

Meant To Be (Heaven Hill Series)

Meant To Be (Heaven Hill Series) by Laramie Briscoe

Single mother. 
Laid off factory worker. 
Drug runner for the Heaven Hill Motorcycle Club.

When Denise Cunningham is served with foreclosure papers on her birthday it's the last straw in a long line of bad luck. Sitting and crying about things has never been how she solved her problems, but this time she decides to do just that. A phone call interrupts her pity party and changes the course of her life forever.

Loyal brother. 
Grease monkey mechanic. 
Vice President of the Heaven Hill Motorcycle Club.

William Walker Jr., known as Liam to his club, needs a new recruit that is just naïve enough and desperate enough to do what he asks without question. When Denise Cunningham lands in his lap, he decides to hire her - not because he wants to, because he has to.

Neither are comfortable in their new roles, but he needs help and she can't stand to lose anything else.

As bullets fly and a local Bowling Green, KY reporter works to bring the club down, Liam and Denise find themselves getting closer to one another. When the stakes get high and outside forces try to keep them away from each other, they have to decide if they really are meant to be. 

Meant To Be (Heaven Hill, #1)Meant To Be by Laramie Briscoe
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I enjoyed the idea of this book. I'm a huge SOA fan, and this seemed right up my alley. What I didn't like, the fact that a mother would put her children in a situation like that. Had this story not included them, I felt it would have been better. To me, I found Denise a horrible mother for bringing them into something so dangerous. Then, there's the fact that she seems so worried he's a murderer but then seems ok with it later on. The characters are so conflicting that it's hard to keep up. To me, it seemed that they weren't very well developed. I'm on the fence. I enjoy a good motorcycle romance, which this COULD have been, but at the same time, I definitely feel that there were too many ideas stolen from a tv show. I supposed this is a 'decide for yourself' type of book.

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