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November 5th Reviews

Free Agent (Mustangs Baseball) by Roz Lee

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The stress of opening her own specialty bakery has kept Brooke tied up in knots, just not the kind she would prefer. When she spies the hunk of a Dom across the crowded bar, she’s intrigued, but his wristband indicates he’s off limits. That doesn’t stop her from doing the most daring thing she’s ever done to snag a man’s attention, but when things escalate beyond even her wildest imaginings, she can’t get out of there fast enough.
His contract with the Mustangs is set to expire at the end of the season, and third baseman, Todd Stevens is holding out for a longer, more lucrative deal as a free agent. Convinced more money and a new city will cure what ails him, he isn’t looking for a long-term relationship, much less a one-time hookup with a sub who doesn’t know her place. Unfortunately, the little minx eyeing him from across the room might just be the one to make him change his mind.

Free Agent (Mustangs Baseball, #0.5)Free Agent by Roz Lee
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So, there were a few editing issues here. Also, it's hard to really connect with the characters. Other than him being greedy for more money and sex, Todd really doesn't sound appealing. Brooke, well you really don't get to know anything about her except what she does for work. There was barely much character development. I mean, if this is part of a series, shouldn't there be some substance to your characters? Yes, the sex was hot. But it's just so hard to enjoy a story when I hate the characters. I mean, he doesn't even tell her his last name!! Even after everything! Ugh. Sorry. I just couldn't enjoy this book.

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One Night With a Rock Star by Chana Keefer

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When Esther was a young teen with frizzy hair and too-skinny legs, Sky’s music soothed her through awkwardness and pain. During the Glam-Rock 80s, Esther is a college journalism student and fledgling print model. One chance meeting with her superstar crush rocks both their worlds.

Will Esther's deep roots in family and faith keep her feet on the ground when a tornado named Sky blows her world apart?

One Night With a Rock Star is a rich, satisfying journey filled with multi-dimensional, lovable characters, sigh-worthy romance and a tale that will carve itself onto your soul.

This coming-of-age tale will delight teen, young adult, college, new adult & adult audiences alike with homespun humor, dazzling celebrity, and a heart-wrenching tale that transports the reader from the wide open spaces of Texas, to the castle-dotted Scottish highlands. Explores themes of spirituality, modern morality, relationship with God versus religion, how to aim for vibrant, lifelong love and how one can "have it al" yet still long for meaning and purpose in life.

While the tale includes sexy situations, it is not gratuitous. Appropriate for and enjoyed by young teens and young-at-heart of all ages.

Includes a study guide for individuals and groups regarding important life choices, vital relationship with God and investing in long-term, healthy, romantic love that gets better with time.

One Night With a Rock StarOne Night With a Rock Star by Chana Keefer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

SO, yes it's my fault I just saw the word rocker in the title and didn't read the description. What I didn't know is how religious a book it is. I'm all for someone have beliefs, but don't want them crammed down my throat. That aside, there's an amazing love story here. If it wasn't full of bible thumping, I would have rated it much higher. But that seems to drag the story down quite a bit, making it boring in parts. At first I was annoyed that she spends all this time pining away for someone who clearly didn't want her. But as the rest of the story developed, it turned out to be worth it. The ending was beautiful and definitely made up a little for all the drag me down parts. If you're a young christian woman, you'll enjoy this. Since I'm neither, I can only appreciate that it was well written, only a few editing mistakes and that there really is a decent love story buried in there.

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Heads Up by Shaun Tennant

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Five years ago, the police department was shattered when a psychotic hit man turned his rage
against homicide detectives and their families. Now, the evidence suggests that
the same killer has returned.

For Andy, a newly promoted supervisor who was targeted five years ago, digging
into this case could mean opening old wounds. For his former partner, a washed-out
drunk, those old wounds never healed at all...

Heads UpHeads Up by Shaun Tennant
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a quick read, literally, in ten minutes, it was over. It's interesting, a twist on a cold case coming back to haunt some cops. But, in the beginning, I'm wondering if I missed a book and this is part of a series. It doesn't exactly open up with giving the reader what's going on. It felt a little confusing. There's some editing errors, formatting, but otherwise, not a horrible read. I enjoyed the twist, just wish it had been drawn out. It was a little too short for my taste, especially if paying 99 cents. It's not worth that.

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