Monday, July 28, 2014

Hunter: Emerson Wolves

Hunter: Emerson Wolves  by Kathi S Barton

“Do you know what you are to me?” She shook her head as he whispered to her. His mouth was doing incredible things to her and she wanted more. “Mate? You’re my mate. Do you know what that means?” 

Her body seemed to come alive at his words. She struggled to pull from him and he let her go, but he didn’t back off. She moved back from him as far as the wall and tried to get her mind to function again. She was not going to be his mate, not any man’s. 

“You have to go. I won’t bother you anymore if you do the same for me.” He moved to within a foot of her and she put up her hands. “I don’t want you here. Please, you can’t want me as a mate. I don’t…I’m not even sure that this isn’t some ploy to get what you want. Or money. Is that it?” She looked up at him as he started cursing. 

Hunter Emerson and his brothers answered the request of a pack looking for a new Alpha and moved to Sommersville. Since they were all Alphas, Hunter didn’t have a clue that he was the new Alpha until he arrived. It didn’t sit well with him at all that a woman on pack land held herself in recluse and wouldn’t answer and pledge herself to the new Alpha. What she could be doing there on that big estate with no one around to witness… His mind reeled with the possibilities―none of them good. 

Slone Morris had an understanding with the local pack―leave her alone and she’d let the pack stay on her land free of charge. It was as simple as that. She didn’t deal well with people. But the new Alpha in town wouldn’t take “Fuck off” for an answer. 

Slone’s past threatened to rear its ugly head at every turn. There was one―someone she thought she trusted―who didn’t want the past dredged back up. He was determined to stop her―at all cost… 


4.0 out of 5 stars This was a great read. I loved seeing how Sloane grew out ...July 28, 2014
This review is from: Hunter: Emerson Wolves (Kindle Edition)
This was a great read. I loved seeing how Sloane grew out of her shell. From everything she's been through, to the end, she's one of the most favorite characters I've read lately! Hunter was hot! I can't wait to see what the brothers all get up to. One of the things I think holding this back from 5 star is that there isn't much shifting! It's a Wolf book! One of the things I enjoy about these types of books is all the shifting and what not. I would have loved more of that in these books! Either way, this is one hot and interesting story to read! I could't put it down!

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