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Sapphamire (The Dragons of Dragonose Book One 1)

Sapphamire (The Dragons of Dragonose Book One 1) by Alice Brown and Lady V

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF 
In book one of the Dragons from Dragonose: Blain Barrymire is a dragon shifter from the land of Dragonose. He came to Earth several years ago to search for his mate, and in the meantime, established a powerful business empire based out of his castle in Iceland. When interviewing for the position of his personal assistant, his attention is drawn to a resume from an N. Clayton. He assumes the candidate is a man, and is shocked when it turns out that not only is she a female, but also his mate! 
Natasha Clayton is out of options and time. The High Council of Others considers her a ticking time bomb because her powers didn’t manifest in the usual timeframe. She’s part demon/pixie, and part angel, and the council is confused and worried as to why her powers haven't come to light. When she steps into Blain's castle for her interview, she doesn't expect the life-altering changes that are ahead of her. 
Blain and Natasha soon face bigger problems than worrying about Natasha’s hidden powers, or the Council of Others. Blain's king has called him home to defend against the imminent threat of a long-standing enemy’s attack. 
When the unthinkable happens, and Blain’s dragon is seriously injured, will Natasha’s love and newfound abilities be enough to see Blain through? 


4.0 out of 5 stars Good ReadJuly 18, 2014
This review is from: Sapphamire (The Dragons of Dragonose Book One 1) (Kindle Edition)
I really enjoyed this book. I don't read a lot of fantasy and what not type books. But this romance was phenomenal. I love a good, strong, kick ass heroine. Natasha was a wonderful woman, though I would have loved to see her kick butt a little more and experience her strengths.

Blain was hot and his dragon was just silly. I really enjoyed the humor and childness of him!
"Want mate, want mate, want mate!" The dragon is constantly speaking to it's host human and it's silly yet well written. I loved the interaction between the main characters.

This is a fantastic story! Well worth picking up to read and I look forward to more! There are a few editorial mistakes that need to be addressed, but nothing that won't keep you from loving this story.

My rating- out of 1-5:
Cover: 5 - it's hot, I love the red hair
Editing: 3- there's errors, it needs some work
Plot: 4 - action packed, interesting
Ending: 4 - I'm dying to read the next one!
That makes this a 4 star read.
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