Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sharp Change (Black Meadow Pack Book 1)

Sharp Change (Black Meadow Pack Book 1) by Milly Taiden

Black Meadow Pack Book 1 

Only the hottest sex can cool a wolf in heat... 

After her sister is bitten by a werewolf, geneticist Sophia Reece begins researching shape-shifters and isolates a gene she calls Furry Beast—FB for short. But in her excitement over her discovery—dancing in the lab is never a good idea—she has a teeny little accident with the samples, one canine, one feline, and winds up landing on the syringes, pointy side up. 

Werewolf Chase is head over heels in lust with Sophia. He can’t stop thinking about the human’s sexy body or how badly he wants to get her naked. But she acts as if he has fleas. So why, all of a sudden, does she stare at him like a wolf in heat? And what smells like cat? 

When she experiences her first mating heat, Sophia isn’t prepared for the new feelings she’s experiencing, and her secret desire for Chase refuses to remain under wraps. For Chase, this is his wildest fantasy come true—to finally get his hands on the curvy, caramel-skinned Latina. But when some serious predators come sniffing around her research, Sophia will have to find out what she’s really made of, and Chase will have to decide if he’s man—or wolf—enough to make things permanent…

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5.0 out of 5 stars loveJuly 1, 2014
This review is from: Sharp Change (Black Meadow Pack Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
In case you haven't paid attention to my reviews... I love this author! Her characters are always so witty, sassy, fun and um, sexy?! Duh. Ok, so Sharp Change. Yes, I asked what the hell happened to the book before this, there isn't one. But, the way Sophia starts the book, you feel like there should have been. I feel gipped out of Julia's story! Anyways. Chase, drool worthy - and possessive, true Alpha. Sophia, smart, very smart, and kick ass. I love her attitude.

With lines like this: "The man had so much sex appeal her girl parts were ready to lift a white flag in surrender just by looking at him." You know you're in for a sexy story! This book doesn't let you down.
"Oh good Lord, help me not attack this man and tear those shorts off that sexy ass." I say, please do! The plot is interesting and you're in for some surprise where Sophia is concerned!! Enjoy

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