Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Divine Scales: (Blood Prince series Book 4)

Divine Scales: (Blood Prince series Book 4) by Jennifer Blackstream

The fates of a warrior angel and a bespelled mermaid are forever entangled in the new Blood Prince novel by bestselling author Jennifer Blackstream. 

A warrior with a hunger for sin . . . 

Driven by a terrible hunger for the black souls of evil men, Patricio, divine executioner of the gods, patrols the kingdom with blood on his hands and ice in his heart. The families of his victims sing his praises--the result of a witch’s cruel curse that condemns him to be forever surrounded by false adulation. When the curse sours the first hint at romance Patricio has had since becoming the king’s heir, his rage is all consuming. Disgusted, he leaves the mermaid in the sea and returns to the palace…only to be shocked when she bargains for the legs to follow him. 

A mermaid out of her element . . . 

Marcela’s world has been turned upside-down--literally. Once a proud member of her father King Triton’s royal guard, she’s now the victim of an angel’s curse. Enchanted into false adoration bordering on obsession, she traded her tail--and her voice--to the sea witch for the legs she needed to pursue the object of her desire. In a cruel twist of fate, the very magic that gave her the means to pursue her passion also broke the spell that caused it. Now she’s in the angel’s arms, but how can either of them trust the desire churning inside them when so much magic has muddied the waters? 

Trust isn’t easy when nothing is as it seems . . . 

A mermaid with legs and no singing voice. An angel with a curse. A witch with a chip on her shoulder. The world is full of magic and mayhem, and for an angel and a mermaid, it will take more than a kiss to balance…the Divine Scales. 


5.0 out of 5 stars Great bookAugust 27, 2014
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I loved this book. I love this series! I fly through these books everytime I read them, I devour each story! The Princes, though stubborn and set in their ways are all well written characters. They each have a redeeming quality about them that captures the love of an even more amazing woman. Um, I like mermaids, I'm just saying. Loved that Marcela was a mermaid! The book read like an adult version of The Little Mermaid, but so much better! It was fantastic and you need to read this series!

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