Thursday, August 28, 2014

Trust in Me: A Biker Erotic Romance (Dark Riders MC Book 1)

Trust in Me: A Biker Erotic Romance (Dark Riders MC Book 1) by A.L. Summers

Aubrey Carmichael hates not being taken seriously.

Aubrey Carmichael will never be anything more than Little Aubrey, not since her brother Danny's became the Vice President of the Dark Riders. When a jealous ex-boyfriend who happens to be the president of the Dark Riders' biggest rival club starts following Aubrey around, she turns to the only person who might listen to her. 

Charlie Hill has never been anyone’s favorite person.

Quiet and a loner by nature, Charlie Hill's habit of going rogue has earned him few friends in life, not even from his brothers of the Dark Riders MC. When the sister of the club's vice-president comes to Charlie seeking help, he isn't sure what to think, but he knows he can't say no. 

Fate brought them together, but the world is trying to rip them apart

Aubrey didn't expect herself to fall for Charlie, but with each day he's in her life, she finds it harder and harder to tear away. But as their relationship heats up, the situation around them deteriorates. Soon, Charlie and Aubrey find themselves fighting not just for freedom but their future.


2.0 out of 5 stars StiltedAugust 28, 2014
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This review is from: Trust in Me: A Biker Erotic Romance (Dark Riders MC Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
Another awful cliffhanger. I can't believe this is the same author as Oil and Leather. This book felt stilted. The writing felt off and different. Yet again though, one of those free 50 page reads, then $2.99 for a 50 page follow up book. I won't waste my time. This story just did nothing for me at all. I didn't find it sexy or interesting. Thankfully it was short.
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