Thursday, August 28, 2014

Oil and Leather: A Biker Erotic Romance (Free Devils MC Book 1)

Oil and Leather: A Biker Erotic Romance (Free Devils MC Book 1) by A.L. Summers 

Sex, leather and a thrumming engine between her thighs are what Katlyn Vaughn lives for. But what happens when flirting with danger becomes more real than the wild lifestyle she's used to courting?

As the daughter of a motorcycle club president, Kat knows better than anyone about how to look after herself. At least, until her heart suddenly takes an unexpected beating in the form of Tony Saenz, her latest beau. 

Gorgeous and seductive, Tony comes from the El Paso chapter of the club. But more importantly, he brings a breath of fresh air to Kat and a chance for her to live as another rider in the club and not just the president's daughter. 

But when a simple misunderstanding spirals out of control and Tony ends up in hot water, Kat must find the power within herself to take control of the club before they do something stupid. 

3.0 out of 5 stars Wasteful.August 28, 2014
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This review is from: Oil and Leather: A Biker Erotic Romance (Free Devils MC Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
Are you kidding me? The 2nd book in the seris is $2.99 for 25 pages?! That's a waste and trust me, even if I'm curious, I'm not going to buy it. Yes, this freebie was good. There's something of a conclusion, there's a plot. I enjoy the characters. I liked their interaction, their building of something. It was sexy and interesting. But when you want me to continue the story and Amazon says 25 pages for the next book, I can't possibly spend my hard earned money on that. It makes me sick. I automatically took a star off for that. Yes, you can read this freebie and it's interesting. But I would not suggest any one waste their time, as it's not worth picking up the next one. It's a waste of talent. Why can't we have a full book?
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