Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A SEAL's Salvation (Uniformly Hot!)

A SEAL's Salvation (Uniformly Hot!)  by Tawny Weber

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Subject: Navy SEAL Petty Officer  Brody Lane 
Current Status: On leave 
Obstacle: The one girl who was off-limits… 
Where Navy SEAL "Bad Ass" Brody Lane goes, trouble follows. Being run out of his hometown years ago for misbehaving with Genna Reilly—the sheriff's daughter—was one thing. Now Brody is about to step into real danger. Not the suggestive letters he's been exchanging with Genna, but the kind of trouble that can send a soldier home injured and broken inside… 
Genna's entire life has been orchestrated by her family. The  right job. The right friends. Enough! Brody's return offers the promise of lust-filled pleasures. Of flesh teased and tasted. She's not expecting to find a soldier with distant eyes who has secluded himself from the world. But this good girl knows exactly how to bring a bad boy back to life…. 
Uniformly Hot!  The Few. The Proud. The Sexy as Hell.

A SEAL's SalvationA SEAL's Salvation by Tawny Weber
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! I loved this book! It was great! Bad boy, good girl, crazy dad! It was sexy, romantic and made my insides squirm. I'm in love with Brody! For real though, this book is well written, it's a great story and the characters are easy to understand. They are well developed and easy to relate to. I love seeing Genna grow as a woman. This is just a wonderful read.

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  1. Smokin Hot! Who wouldn't love a story about a decades old attraction between a good girl, Genna, and a bad boy "Bad Ass" Brody, and the maneuvering the maze that is her hypochondriac mother, domineering father, Brody's manipulating grandmother and a whole lot of tasty baking. Many hurtles had to be overcome to bring these two to the place where they could both accept that they are better together than apart.

    Thanks again for an awesome story, Tawny.