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Twisted Revenge (The Edge of Springwood)

Twisted Revenge (The Edge of Springwood) by Jennifer Brown 

"Tragedy forced Jacob Barnes to step in at the age of 22, and raise his younger brother and sister. Years later, as the Barnes family is finally on the verge of recovery the past comes back to haunt them. 
It's election time in Springwood, and Jacob is a candidate for Mayor. Having proved himself as a successful business man, Jacob feels he is ready to take on Springwood and tackle the city's many issues. Little does he know the extent of the issues he is about to face. 
When it becomes apparent someone is out to sabotage Jacob's campaign, Jacob begins to realize the past is far from behind him and his family. Two murders reveal dark secrets in the Barnes family, as they come to terms with a harsh reality. 

The Edge of Springwood (Twisted Revenge, #1)The Edge of Springwood by Jennifer Brown
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The plot of this story is great. It's a political thriller, mystery, and more. There's twists and turns all over. I just felt the writing was a little stilted. It was just a paragraph or two of each character and kept circling around through them all. I felt like I was watching a soap opera, with just a few bits of information of each character then back to another. I think if things were laid out together a little more, it would have been better. I like the fact that the story had you guessing til the end. I think with a little revising, the story would be a great 4/5 star thriller.

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About Jennifer 
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Jennifer Brown lives in Springfield Ohio, and has written since third grade. She was taught to read at an early age and fell in love with books, mainly mysteries. Her love of books grew, and in the summer before she started high school she wrote her longest story, halfway filling an old school notebook. In high school she started to enter writing contests, and in her junior and senior years joined the Herald staff becoming entertainment editor over her high school newspaper.

After graduating, with a few writing contest awards under her belt she attended college a year later, and was urged by her English instructor to join the college paper. She did, writing a few reviews of restaraunts and movies, as well as writing a review of her first Alanis Morissette concert. A few years later she was asked to take the position of entertainment editor.

At 37,  Jennifer has written several stories and has many more in store for readers.  When she is not writing she likes reading, working on computer graphics, editing photos, listening to music, and brainstorming for new ideas!


Justin sat at the very same bar where the fight with Scott had occurred, drinking and cradling a beer in his hands. Country music drawled out of the same juke box in the corner where he’d spotted Scott drinking with a few of his buddies that night. He was celebrating after the mistrial had been declared. Over some dumb ass juror posting pics of Lyn on his blog, describing all the events that were going on, giving his opinion. At least Justin always thought it had been a guy, just from the captions on the photos of Lyn. He’d been in the courtroom almost every day, but could barely remember the juror’s faces.
He sighed, taking a long gulp from his beer. He had taken some of Lyn’s money and took a cab. He couldn’t stay there with her like that, knowing what had happened. Again. And with him out of prison, he knew something had to come out at some point…as much as he dreaded that, and what it would mean for his sister.
He knew if he told her about it, she’d never believe him. He exhaled, running a hand through his hair.
“Another?” the bartender asked him, noticing his bottle was empty.
“Yeah. One more,” he went on, starting to wish more and more that he’d never been released from prison.

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