Friday, January 3, 2014

Pirate's Golden Promise

Pirate's Golden Promise by Lynette Vinet

Wynter McChesney, daughter of the wealthiest man in Cotswold, England, finds herself suddenly penniless when her scheming half-sister takes both their father's inheritance and Wynter's fiance. Determined to buy back her ancestral home, Wynter turns to the only man who can lend the vast sum needed. But the collateral the arrogant Captain Cort Van Linden demands is ... her!

Then an act of piracy on the high seas leaves her at Cort's mercy -- and in his wild embrace, Wynter discovers she will give anything to know the achingly sweet fulfillment of her pirate's golden promise.

Love's Golden PromiseLove's Golden Promise by Lynette Vinet
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I love a good historical romance and I love pirates. This book had both. But it was not well written. It just went on and on.


Seriously, at first, it was great. I loved the suspense, the drama, the action. The love story was amazing. But then it got tedious. Every man who met Wynter loved her. Obsessively. Every man tried to imprison her. Over and over, the same thing. Poor Cort. Over and over, the same thing. Poor Cort.
Over and over things happen to Wynter and it becomes tiresome.

Cort, this gorgeous "pirate" who really wasn't doing much pirating. I expected someone darker, harder. He was soft. I feel that this book was a huge let down.

Sure, happy ending and all, but at the expense of a very long read. Don't waste your time.

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