Sunday, August 11, 2013

Collared for a Night (Crimson Romance)

Collared for a Night (Crimson Romance) by Susan Arden

Day-after-day of carnal cravings and Diana can't take the heat...her leopardess heat. On the brink, she agrees to spend the evening at a private shifter club. One night where anything goes to get her through her leopardess heat cycle and then it's back to work. No one will be the wiser. But when it's Shawn, her boss, who stalks through the door at the club, it's mayhem in the making. Commanding as usual, he gives Diana an option. Submit to him and he'll get her through her sex-crazed heat...or she can take her chances with a stranger, a club Dom.

Diana agrees and what transpires lasts longer than one night. In opening up to Shawn's explosive bedroom skills, Diana taps into an uncontrollable leopardess instinct. So primal, she fears what she may do if left unchecked. Shawn agrees to teach Diana how to harness her alpha power in return for total control over her body.

During a midnight run, Diana confronts a rogue shifter pack and forces Shawn's hand to her backside and what he proposes could last a lifetime. From Denver to Las Vegas, these two are inseparable until Mia, his ex-fiancée comes back into the picture with a claim to stake. 

Can Diana mix cutting-edge design room tactics with red-hot sex...when this alpha shifter might shatter her heart? 

Collared for a NightCollared for a Night by Susan Arden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If I could give this book a 1-10 rating of hotness... it would totally be off the scales. The book is like one big orgasm and I loved it. It's not your typical erotic book. Hotter than FSOG, this book takes two alpha shifters and drives the reader insane! I couldn't put this book down. Well written, but so much more than just some hot sex. There's a true storyline and tale to be told here. If you like Paranormal Romances, and you like Erotic books, this is a perfect blend of both!

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