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Lost: One Pair of Rose Colored Glasses (Lost and Found)

Lost: One Pair of Rose Colored Glasses (Lost and Found) by Shay Ray Stevens

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Emily Swanson has finally married her knight in shining armor, but there's just one problem: she seems to have lost her pair of rose colored glasses.

Can Emily survive the first year of marriage without them? How can she endure the (mis)communication of hint language or the in-laws who forget to knock? Is it possible to still love a man who can't follow a shopping list? And how in the world did she end up with someone who won't cut down a Christmas tree?

Emily struggles to stay lovely and sweet while dealing with a late honeymoon, her husband's new puppy, and the newfound paranoia that everything makes her look fat. But with tricks from Mother and the Cult of Married Women (along with a whole lot of sass), Emily soon learns how to keep her sanity and carry on.

Kick off your heels, grab a glass of wine, and laugh along as Emily Swanson discovers the realities of life together in marriage that are quickly revealed when the rose colored glasses come off.

Lost: One Pair of Rose Colored GlassesLost: One Pair of Rose Colored Glasses by Shay Ray Stevens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was cute and left me wondering how the author know's my husband! This is a funny story about the first year of marriage. I kept reading things I know I've said or thought, and this just puts it all into perspective. Though I've been married five years, there's so much I can relate to in this book. It's a great story for any newlywed, single woman or even us ladies who are part of "The Cult" as the author put it. The imperturbable married women!

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