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For the Sake of Revenge

For the Sake of Revenge by DL Atha

How far was Tamara willing to go for the sake of revenge? And who would pay the price? She didn’t know as she tipped the bottle of vampire blood up to her lips but she was about to find out.

Stepping off the ferry in Sitka, Alaska was bittersweet for Tamara Semenov. A decade earlier she had abandoned her mother and high school sweetheart, Peter, to marry a man she hardly knew only to find herself in an abusive relationship. Now ten years later, she had escaped with her life but at what cost. Her mother was dead.

Although the police had ruled her mother’s death an accident, Tamara was convinced her estranged husband was to blame and to make matters worse, she knows she is his next target. 

While putting her mother’s affairs in order, Tamara finds the blood of a vampire named Adrik, who as a human was falsely accused of raping a wealthy Russian heiress and excommunicated from the Church. For the sake of revenge, he willing condemned himself to vampirism.

Learning that the blood could tie the living to the undead, Tamara seeks out a connection with the long buried vampire in hopes of striking a deal, his freedom for her revenge. Will he be the edge she needs to out maneuver her estranged husband or will she become entangled in a two century old web of revenge?

For the Sake of RevengeFor the Sake of Revenge by D.L. Atha
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's hard for me to review this book. It was very hard for me to get into it at first. It started out very slow, building lots of background and felt long winded. I liked knowing where the character came from, but it felt like that was a story all in itself. That being said, as the story finally progresses and the action begins, it's a great story. You view Vampires from a different culture than the Hollywood version. Bringing Russian folklore into it, it feels different. I think if some of the slower parts were trimmed, this would have been a much better story, but I really did enjoy it. I liked Tam coming to her senses and growing as an independent woman, no longer a victim. The Paranormal aspect was an unexpected pleausre. If you read it, don't get discouraged by how slow it starts out. Stick with it and I promise you'll enjoy it.

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