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The Courage To Say Yes (Harlequin Romance)

The Courage To Say Yes (Harlequin Romance) by Barbara Wallace

Can she find the courage to love all over again? 
Hunter Smith likes to keep out of messy situations; life is just easier if you don't get emotionally involved. He's never been a knight in shining armor before—but when he sees Abby Gray in trouble, he can't stop himself from stepping in… 
Trying to put the scars of the past behind her, Abby has decided to make a fresh start. Hunter's offer of making her his new assistant could be a step in just the right direction. But is she ready to believe that happy-ever-afters can happen in real life—not just in fairy tales?

The Courage To Say YesThe Courage To Say Yes by Barbara Wallace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ok, the negative first:
This is a Harlequin? There's no sexy hot steamyness expected to come with this name and I'm starting to get disappointed with the publisher. When I read Harlequin, I want something hot! Now, don't take that as it's a bad book. Here's the positive:
This is a sweet happy ever after story. I love the courage and changing that Abby has to go through. You really get a sense of her character and what she went through. For me, it was a personal connection. I feel the author greatly portrayed the thought process one goes through after getting away from a relationship that toxic. It's hard to turn off those feelings and habits.
I think that Hunter was a great match for Abby. He helped her as far as he could, but he knew that she needed to learn these thing on her own. Unlike a lot of books like this, it isn't forced that he changed her. I really liked that she did it on her own. It's a sweet little romantic read, just don't get mislead by the Harlequin name, because it's not steamy.

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