Thursday, August 15, 2013


Unleashed by Crystal Jordan

It is a future few envisioned--humans with the ability to shape and shift into every imaginable predator on earth. This new world is dangerous, dark and filled with desire. . .
Hunting Temptation
Fox-shifter Gea Crevan is a PI working a case deep in the underbelly of New Chicago. She relies on ruthless businessman and leopard-shifter Quilliam North for good intel and even better sex, but resists taking him as her mate. Until she witnesses his carnal lust for another, and suddenly all her feral instincts are unleashed. . .
Reclaiming Temptation
Grifter Felicia Tamryn is half cheetah and all woman who always gets what she wants. Until the day she tries to con Constantine Breckenridge and instead finds her heart held tight in the talons of an eagle-shifter. Felicia tries to run but her past and her body betray her, catching her in a sexual trap of her own making. . 

UnleashedUnleashed by Crystal Jordan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ok, this book was hot, sexy and a wild ride. But, there's too much going on. I think it could have been toned down a little, maybe focused a little more on the shifting/mating storyline. All in all, it's pretty hot and tempting and that was the only thing saving it from less stars. I just couldn't get into the rest. And it's certainly not worth almost $9.

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