Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Beauty Uncovered

A Beauty Uncovered by Andrea Laurence

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A beastly boss is tamed in this Secrets of Eden book from Andrea Laurence… 
CEO Brody Eden is a loner. The brooding billionaire has secrets that he refuses to unveil to anyone…until he meets his new assistant, Samantha Davis. She's temptation personified, and she's sitting right outside his door. 
Samantha's never met a man as guarded—and gorgeous—as Brody. She doesn't want to fall for her boss, but there's something about Brody…. Beneath his gruff manner, Sam senses tenderness—and an intense passion waiting to be unleashed. And she'll make it her mission to enter his lair…and his bed.

A Beauty UncoveredA Beauty Uncovered by Andrea Laurence
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A modern day Beauty and the Beast. I loved this book. It was fun, fast and sweet. Not to mention a little sexy! Sam is a stubborn woman. Though the story makes her seem a little slutty, she's definitely perfect for Brody. He's a loner, and unversed in the ways of seduction or women. But it works for both of them. This was a really good read if you're looking for a HEA! I'm wondering if any of his brothers, or even him and Sam will have another book out. The cliffhanging ending was done pretty well!

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