Wednesday, September 4, 2013

To Seduce a Scoundrel (Secrets & Scandals)

To Seduce a Scoundrel (Secrets & Scandals) by Darcy Burke

Quintessential debutante Lady Philippa Latham is determined to avoid scandal at all costs so that she may marry well. When her mother’s outrageous behavior threatens their family’s reputation, Philippa unwittingly follows her to a party no unmarried Society girl would risk attending. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Philippa is “rescued” from disaster by England’s most notorious scoundrel, which sets them both on a path to public and personal ruin.

Lord Ambrose Sevrin is infamous for ruining his brother’s fiancée and refusing to marry her. Content to remain among the fringe of the upper ten thousand, he is an intriguing enigma to London’s elite. Philippa thinks she’s met the true Ambrose—a gentleman who would fight to defend her and help her secure a husband before it’s too late. But he can’t be that husband, even for her. He won’t tolerate redemption—or love—for his crimes are far worse than anyone can imagine.

To Seduce A Scoundrel (Secrets & Scandals #3)To Seduce A Scoundrel by Darcy Burke
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I felt this book was the epitome of Historical Romances. I couldn't put it down. It was well written, dramatic, suspenseful and hot! I fell in love with Ambrose immediately and Phillipa was just fantastic. Unlike your usual simpering whiny debutantes seeking a title, she is strong, independant and a well developed character. If you love historicals, you'll love this book!

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