Friday, September 6, 2013

The Other Woman

The Other Woman by Darlene P Winston

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Krys Harriston has what every girl wants—a good job, a handsome hardworking husband, two beautiful kids and a loving home…everything that makes her happy. But there’s another woman out for revenge trying to break up her marriage, and this is one woman Krys may not be able to compete with. Her husband, Cameron, never imagined that the one person who loves him unconditionally is the very one causing his world to come crashing down around him. Does he have enough strength to fight the evil forces and save his marriage or will he allow it all to slip away?

The Other WomanThe Other Woman by Darlene P Winston
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ok, Mother in law from hell, a seven year marriage disrupted over her, and a woman who allows her man to not stick up for her. No thanks. Yes, Cameron does finally say something to his mother, but the fact that everyone keeps trying to tell Krys that it's her fault, bothered me. No way should she have to deal with an in law like that when everyone knows how she's treated. To me, it felt forced, as if it was being played up more so for the filler than anything. It is a harsh look into the reality of a marriages ups and downs, I just wish that it had flowed more naturally.

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