Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Tycoon and the Texan

The Tycoon and the Texan by Phyliss Miranda

With a name like Nick Dartmouth, and the fortune it comes with, it's hard not to have a reputation for getting everything you want. So when his former secretary steps onto his foundation's charity auction block, Nick has the perfect opportunity to woo the stunning beauty from Texas. But aggressive counterbids force him to make an extreme proposition. Except money itself doesn't guarantee a blissful ride off into the sunset, especially when being won goes against the willful nature of McCall Johnson. Intent on showing Nick they come from two very different--and incompatible--worlds, she's surprised by how well he can handle a horse. For a girl from Texas, that speaks volumes about a man's value. Maybe there's more to this playboy than she expected. . .

The Tycoon and the TexanThe Tycoon and the Texan by Phyliss Miranda
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a sweet little romance. A few things annoyed me, parts of the story that did nothing except fill space, there was no need for it. Like the whole Agnes ghost thing. It was entirely unnecessary. But all in all it's cute. A rich playboy who falls for his assistant. She doesn't want to be another toy to him. I found myself rolling my eyes at some of their conversations. They were so unbelievable that you could tell it was made up. It was definitely forced and didn't feel natural in a story like this. I did laugh a few times, but all in all, there's nothing in this story that gripped me or made me say wow. If you just want something sickly sweet to indulge an afternoon then read this. If you want a more fulfilling love story, find something else.

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