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Losing Penny (Rose Arbor)

Losing Penny (Rose Arbor)  by Kristy Tate

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A cooking show diva in hiding,
A literature professor writing genre fiction,
An admirer who wants more than the tasty morsels a cooking hostess is willing to share—
A dangerous recipe for romance in the town of Rose Arbor.

Cooking show diva, Penny Lee, loses fifty pounds, and gains a stalker. To avoid the attention of her most devoted follower, Penny concocts a plan: while pretending to take a culinary tour, traveling the world, collecting recipes and posting them on her blog, she hides at a remote beach house in Rose Arbor, Washington, where she spends the summer compiling her cookbook.

When English Literature professor Drake Islington is offered the chance to spend the summer at a remote beach house where he can write in peace he happily accepts, never dreaming that he is a pawn in a match making scheme. His encounter with Penny promises a delicious summer, until uninvited guests arrive forcing Penny and Drake to cook up a scheme of their own. When Drake’s mother, a stalker, and a donkey named Gertrude join the mix, the town of Rose Arbor sizzles with another tale of romance and suspense.

Losing Penny (Rose Arbor, #3)Losing Penny by Kristy Tate
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Considering this book is part of a series, I feel the author never took into account those who haven't read the other books. Characters were mentioned, but not main players, and you're left scratching your head. The story is all over the place and erratic. Many parts did nothing except fill space. There were many errors in editing. Places in mid conversation where the wrong name is used, missing words, incomplete sentances. The "quotes" at the top of each chapter were annoying. This book needs work. For it being a story about Penny and Drake, there are so many other "love matches" going on at the same time, I felt it took away from the story it was supposed to be telling. I doubt I'll waste my time reading any of the others in this series. I feel like I wasted an entire day.

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