Friday, September 13, 2013

Defiant in the Viking's Bed (Victorious Vikings

Defiant in the Viking's Bed (Victorious Vikings) by Joanna Fulford

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Consumed by revenge—and desire! 
Captured by his enemy and chained like a dog, Leif Egilsson has one thought in his mind: revenge. He'll no longer be beguiled by the treacherous beauty of Lady Astrid, and her innocence, which he so craved, will finally be his. 
On his escape, this fierce, proud Viking is bent on making her pay the price of her betrayal—in his bed! Only, Astrid has the heart of a warrior, and she will not be tamed as easily as he believes…. 
Victorious Vikings 
No man could defeat them. Three women would defy them!

Defiant in the Viking's BedDefiant in the Viking's Bed by Joanna Fulford
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Oh wow! I loved loved loved this book! It was historical, primal, beastly and sexy as hell! There was not one thing I disliked! Let Leif and Astrid take you on a sexy, decietful trip through Viking history! You will not be disappointed. Well written and developed, this book was a complete page turner.

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