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Right Now (The Seduced Series 1)

Right Now (The Seduced Series 1) by Jackie McMahon

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Angelina Marie Moore is a small time girl from Virginia looking for a fresh start to life in a big city like New York City. After having the only man she truly loved be ripped out of her life forever and get cheated on by a man that she tried to love, she ends up leaving and starting over in a new city. Dennis Evers is a man is that has it all, he is the CEO of Evers and Evers Communications and a CIA Secret Agent. There both nothing compared to what he really wants…someone to share his hopes and dreams with. Now he finds himself on a special secret mission to protect a girl that has no idea of what power she welds in a ring that she wears.

“Right Now” is seductive and yet can be a dirty read that follows the point of view of two complete strangers from different backgrounds and eventually fallen head over heels for each other, while trying to keep a secret relic from fallen into the wrong hands. This book is intended for mature audiences and is also book one of the “Seduced Series.”

Right Now (Seduced Series #1)Right Now by Jackie Mcmahon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ok, this book was a let down. There's a lot of editing errors. The whole writing of the story is confusing. Transitioning from chapter to chapter, you don't know who's talking. The book is from both Angelina and Dennis's points of view. Let me just say, going from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2, before I figured it out, I had to re-read it three times. It's very confusing to start.

Then the middle is highly unbelieveable and unrelatable. I'm sorry, but if you're kidnapped, and have no clue what's going on, are you just going to say, ok, I'll stay with you? Not the strong female characters I prefer. It was a little steamy in parts, but very choppy.

This book looked so hot and I was just really disappointed after reading it. Who wouldn't want to read a sexy kidnapping story, right? Well, it's definitely not that!

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