Friday, September 6, 2013

One Hot Knight (Entangled Covet)

One Hot Knight (Entangled Covet) by Christy Gissendaner

Stupid curse!

Yves Sucat was a Crusader trapped in a canine body…until a beautiful twenty-first century dog groomer offered the missing link to break his spell. But Regina Patterson was no fluffy-headed female who would instantly melt at Yves' silvery seduction. The more time he spent with the tender-hearted blonde, the less he was able to keep his paws—hands!—off of her.

Regina was much more comfortable with dogs than men, and the stunningly handsome – stunningly male – knight who now shared her apartment was no exception. She’d hoped to find a man as loyal as the pooches she pampered day after day, but would Yves’s broken curse end with her own broken heart?

One Hot KnightOne Hot Knight by Christy Gissendaner
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Wow, um, how to explain this. Man is cursed to be a dog for 900 years. Makes it to America. Finds nice chick who cleans him up. Goes to park, becomes man, asks her out. Let's just say the ending is rushed and predictible and the entire book will have you rolling your eyes. It's not One Hot Knight, it's One Lame Knight. By the end of reading this, I had rolled my eyes so much, my head hurt.

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