Monday, May 26, 2014

Just Press 2

Just Press 2 by Danae Ayusso

Please note: 
The proceeds from Just Press 2 will go to the Stop Soldier Suicide non-profit organization. 
For more information on this 501C3 non-profit organization ran by vets and soldiers, please visit 

Sergeant Jeramy Thatcher was at a loss when his wife died. After months of searching for the will to move on, he found nothing. When Kyce died, the world he knew was no more and he couldn’t picture life without her in it, so he resolved to end his life. 
Fearing his body would attract wildlife, thus dirtying his beloved wife’s kitchen, Jeramy dialed the pre-programmed Military Crisis Hotline to let them know to notify the base to collect the body. 
When he pressed 2 he was connected to help, it just wasn’t the help he was expecting to find. 
Instead of the Military Crisis Hotline, Jeramy inadvertently woke up a woman across the country. The colorful string of threats and profanities she greeted him with at three in the morning was enough to make even an Army Ranger blush. Instead of telling him not to do it, to not pull the trigger, shesimply kept him company while he prepared to end it all. 
And it was that call which changed Jeramy’s life forever. 

**Contains colorful humor, sexual references, and language**

5.0 out of 5 stars AmazingMay 24, 2014
This review is from: Just Press 2 (Kindle Edition)
This was an amazing story. Fully heartfelt, humorous, emotional! This story pulls you in and won't let go. It's short, but well worth the read. Jeramy wants to commit suicide. He dials a wrong number... and well... no spoilers! But you have to read this. The story has a little twist in the end that just slices your gut open. In a good way! READ this!
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