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Terror on Arrival: An Apocalyptic Science Fiction Novel

Terror on Arrival: An Apocalyptic Science Fiction Novel by Kyle Robertson

Valan-Cheanus was a planet billions of light-years away from Earth. It had a problem, an indigenous, insidious eating machine called the Chauzek. This creature was legion, and was poised to render the planet barren. 

The native Cheasu did not kill them. Instead, they relocated them to our planet back when there wasn't much more than primordial ooze, and didn't know what, if anything would exist there. They put the creatures in suspended gravity so whatever evolved would be advanced enough to either evict, or escape them. Their calculations were slightly off. 

In the twenty first century they woke up, and a U.S. Air Force Aqua Horticulturist with her Russian Spetsnaz bodyguard had to find a way to stop them. 

Along with her deft mentor, and an alien from Valan-Cheanus who wanted to correct the future dystopia, they had to find a way to stop the relentless Chauzek that couldn't be killed. This is an adventure to try to stop Armageddon. But the question is; how? 

Terror on ArrivalTerror on Arrival by Kyle Robertson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book sounded very interesting. I truly love the cover. It just screams Sci-Fi and Thriller. Sort of a different type of Alien Invasion Sci Fi read. But as you start, you instantly feel wrong. The writing seems to move between first and third person, present and past, and all in the same sentence. That's an easy fix though. A good editor can change that.

Then, the story is very long winded. Things are drawn out. It certainly chops things up a bit. It's a very interesting plot and could be a great story, if things were buttoned up. One thing I've found, is that a lot of new authors think the bigger the words you use, the better. That's not true. You need to understand that not all of your readers have a college education. You don't want them to stop each page and look up words. (Just some advice I was given when starting out.) You really need to write for your audience.

I think if an editor were to go through the content, trim the fat, fix the tenses, that this would be a much much better read. It certainly was an interesting plot, it just drags a lot and I found it hard to get through.

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