Saturday, May 3, 2014

Love Conquers

Love Conquers by JM Cagle

Sierra Manchester is a young and fierce member of the most highly esteemed family in the town of Hickory Plains, but both the town and her family bear fantastic secrets that are destined to change Hickory Plains and the Manchesters forever.

Sierra is a nineteen-year-old witch in a family of powerful wielders of witchcraft, and though many of her siblings and cousins are in control of similar powers, one particular member of her family, her nineteen-year-old cousin named Kaitlyn, was not born with the special gift of witchcraft. As the years have gone by, she has been forced to see Sierra’s power grow into the greatest among her family, and Kaitlyn’s jealousy has been growing along with it. In order to gain powers of her own and to exact a kind of vengeance on Sierra, Kaitlyn experiments with a book of spells to summon a demon, and her sinister plan is simple; she offers the soul of Sierra to Luthis, a Sedist who demands an exchange for his help. In return, Kaitlyn would be granted power that would overshadow Sierra’s own.

When the dark cult of the very demon that Kaitlyn summoned appears in the town and begins forcing local business people to join, a powerful man named Adam Witchman approaches the Manchesters and offers to help them combat the cult and rid the town of the demon’s influence. While Sierra finds him questionable at first, they are soon forced to work together in the face of unspeakable darkness. Witness the unraveling of this story as the Manchesters edge toward oblivion, travel exotic locales, and make allies and enemies in the most unexpected of places.

Sierra’s life as she knows it is already over. But her soul is up for grabs by all forces of life, death, love, and jealousy. Now the question truly is this: does love always conquer?

Love ConquersLove Conquers by J.M. Cagle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a pretty interesting paranormal story. A family of witches, jealousy and drama, it made for a good read. I loved that it was set in historical times, the only downfall, was it was historical. I felt that the characters acted and spoke in ways that didn't match the time period. To me, it didn't feel right. A little more research and setting up the time, would have made this a 5 star book. All in all though, it's a great read that was exciting, slightly sexy and fun.

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