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The Alpha's Mate: 8 Sexy, Powerful Shifters and Their Fated Mates

The Alpha's Mate: 8 Sexy, Powerful Shifters and Their Fated Mates by Lynn RedAubrey RoseAdriana HunterMarian TeeLiliana RhodesKrista LakesMina CarterMilly Taiden

As if one alpha male wasn't enough to drive you wild...

Dangerous. Uncontrollable. Irresistible. When powerful men take on paranormal powers to become predatory beings of the night, sparks can fly as they set their eyes on the one woman who they want. No, not want. Need. 

This boxed set includes eight of the hottest shifter romances from your favorite New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors in paranormal romance. Let this sexy group of shifters claim you tonight! 

Books included (see "Look Inside" for full descriptions): 

To Catch a Wolf by Lynn Red: Sometimes a werewolf's gotta fight and growl and bite. Sometimes a girl needs romance and wine and sweet kisses. Will a small town scandal keep both Erik and Izzy from getting what they want? 

Blind Wolf and Perfect Mate by Aubrey Rose: Julia has never been on a date in her life, but when Damien shows up, she's quickly swept off her feet. Will the fact that she's a human keep Damien from expressing the raw lust he feels for her? 

Shifting Hearts by Adriana Hunter: Clara has recently lost everything, but when she moves to the country, she finds two sexy strangers that are determined to make her surrender her body and soul to them. 

Wolf Fight by Marian Tee: Calys is determined to be her pack's alpha, but she'll need the help of Alejandro Moretti, billionaire playboy and werewolf prince, to make it happen. Will his help be worth offering her body as payment? 

Resisting the Alpha by Liliana Rhodes: Faith finds out that the man she's married to is a murderer and that someone needs to stop him. Will alpha bear Erich be able to save the day and claim his true mate? 

Wolf Six's Salvation by Krista Lakes: Chloe is on the hunt for her missing brother, and damaged soldier Jackson helps her out. Will she be able to heal his injured soul while loving the wolf underneath? 

Midsummer Heat by Mina Carter: Kelli ran away from home to avoid being claimed by the latest pack alpha. Since then, she's made a new life for herself, but when she returns for a wedding, the alpha knows that he must claim the only woman he'll ever love, whatever it takes. 

Wolf Fever by Milly Taiden: Turned into a shifter against her will, Raine vows to wage war with the evil inside of her. When a mercenary offers to help unravel her mysteries and tame the beast inside her, he's looking for more than answers.

The Alpha's Mate: 8 Sexy, Powerful Shifters and Their Fated MatesThe Alpha's Mate: 8 Sexy, Powerful Shifters and Their Fated Mates by Lynn Red
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a box set well worth buying and reading. These aren't short stories, more like full books! Here's a break down:

To Catch a Wolf by Lynn Red: This was an ok story. It didn't blow me away. I liked the idea of a shifter town and having more than just wolves. There were some lines that made me laugh, but the plot of the story seemed to annoy me. I didn't really enjoy it. But that's the price of a box set. You may not love every story.

Blind Wolf by Aubrey Rose: This was an exciting story. I really liked the idea of an Alpha who isn't perfect. Damien is blind, but still able to control and run his pack. Julia was a sweet character, I loved her. I was extremely disappointed when the story ended. But, that soon disappeared when I realized the next book was part 2!!

Perfect Mate by Aubrey Rose: The ending of this story was fantastic. I loved the way it continued and was not left unhappy!

Shifting Hearts by Adriana Hunter: This was a fantastic story. It combined two of my fave types of books. Paranormal and Historical. I loved the suspense that kept you guessing, the excitement of the unknown. The plot was well written. I would love to read more by this author.

Wolf Fight by Marian Tee: This was a disappointment to me. The story just ends, and I looked around, hoping the second half would be there as with Aubrey's stories, but no. I enjoy a good cliff hanger as everyone else, but this didn't leave me wanting more. It left me annoyed. The heroine is so obsessed with BMI's (body weight, body fat) that I felt uncomfortable. It didn't send a strong message to me. At first I thought it was sexy, the way Calys and Alejandro interacted. But quickly became disappointed as the story moved on. Certainly my least favorite of the book.

Resisting the Alpha by Liliana Rhodes: This could have been a fantastic book. To me, it seemed like there was more than 1 story line going on and at times, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. I liked it, but I didn't. Certainly on the fence about this. Maybe if I knew more about the characters I would feel different.

Wolf Six's Salvation by Krista Lakes: Again, 2 of my fave types. This time, Military men and Shifters! This was an exciting plot. I thought it was fantastic the way the pieces fell together and the writing was well. I'm not sure I've read anything by this author before, but now I'm certainly going to be looking for her other titles.

Midsummer Heat by Mina Carter: "If it bites you, it's yours" That line just sticks out in my mind. This story was great. I love stories about past love, returning to your hometown, that such. This story has two strong characters that are battling for dominance. Max knows what he wants and it's Kelli. This story had me crossing my legs and turning the pages.

Wolf Fever by Milly Taiden: This story alone was worth the 99 cents spent on this box set! One of my favorite authors and she didn't let me down. This story was amazing. A woman scientifically turned into a wolf, who has no clue they even existed. The plot is heart pounding, sexy and definitely made me look twice at my toy drawer. The plot is great and easy to follow, and leaves me wondering if any of the other guys will have their own stories. It's a fantastic plot that has you begging for more!

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