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Paranormal Protection Agency

Paranormal Protection Agency: Volume 1 by Mina Carter

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'Hard as a Rock' 

Iliona's had a rough day, so the last thing she wants is a whiny ex on her doorstep throwing accusations about which of her co-workers she's sleeping with. When he starts throwing punches and one of her hunky gargoyle co-workers rushes to her rescue, Iliona is more interested in what exactly he's been doing on the ledge outside her bedroom window... 

And whether he's interested in more than watching. 

'Between a Rock and a Hard Place' 

There's nothing like a bit of Gargoyle lovin'... Unless it's double the lovin' 

Iliona is used to dealing with all kinds of paranormals thanks to her job with the Paranormal Protection Agency. Even so, an office break in by a banshee nearly has her heading for the pearly gates, and she needs a little 'me time' with her live-in, live on the building lover, a gargoyle named Cal. 

But Cal's got some plans of his own. Plans that involve Iliona, a candle-lit room and some up close and personal time with himself and his 'twin' Granite. 

Two sets of hands, two ridged tongues, two hot bodies...Being caught between a rock and a hard place has never been so hot. 

'Protect and Service' 

One curse. One Wolf. One Night. 

Eloise is a woman on a mission. She needs to find a date for the annual hospital ball, and fast. The trouble is she's not only man-free but after her bastard of an ex had a nasty little curse hurled her way, no human guy will touch her with a barge-pole. Not after one date ended up with green acne, another with a nose like Pinocchio...the list went on. 

Out of options, Eloise ends up at the offices of the Paranormal Protection Agency. She's not sure what to expect but she certainly doesn't expect Jared Stone. No-one expects Stone... 

'Seduced by Santa' 

A woman determined to spread the Christmas spirit... 

Former socialite turned community centre worker Candice Kane loves Christmas. In the run down area she works in, economics and rising unemployment mean that there isn't a lot of Christmas spirit to go around. Determined to do something about it, for the last couple of years she's arranged a Christmas Party, complete with a visit from Santa for the neighbourhood kids. This year though, a break in and damage from vandals means the party could be cancelled... 

A Santa who hates Christmas... 

Rhod is...was a Santa. For years he joined the other men in his family delivering presents, until the attitude and ungratefulness of the rich children he delivered to made him hang up his red suit. Working for the Paranormal Protection Agency, he's convinced himself that he's happier without being the big guy anymore. 

When he and his partner rescue Candy from an attack in a deserted alley, all Rhod's decisions are put to the test. Can he hold out against a woman with Christmas spirit in her heart, or will he lose his own in the process? 

'Close Protection' 

Ashlee Bishop is a bar owner. She was a happy bar owner until a bunch of pixies turned up demanding protection money. As a garden-variety human, she knows she doesn't have the ability to deal with the pixies, so she calls in the Paranormal Protection Agency to sort the problem out. 

What she doesn't expect is for the pixies to come back before the agency can get to the bar, or the hot as hell werewolf who shows and starts teaching pixies how to fly. The hard way. 

She certainly doesn't expect to be able to command his wolf... or to have to when the shit hits the fan.

Paranormal Protection Agency (Paranormal Protection Agency, #1 - #5)Paranormal Protection Agency by Mina Carter
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Wow! This is an amazing box set. Let's just say, after all of the leg squeezing I had to do (Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about), I needed some alone time with my hubby. This is on super sexy, straight to the point box set that will leave you begging for more! Each short story could very well become their own full length books, I loved each character. These stories are well written, witty and so sexy, that you wish creatures like these really existed! You have got to read this box set!

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