Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Red Riding Hood: Romantic Fairy Tales

Red Riding Hood: Romantic Fairy Tales by Carly Carson

In this fantasy romance novella, Little Red Riding Hood is a happy-go-lucky girl who enjoys having the attention of the boys in the village. Then a stranger comes to the forest, a man known only as Wolf. To the dismay of the village boys, he enters the rivalry for her favors. 
Wolf has all the skills to make her want him. But no one in the village trusts Wolf, the alpha male whose intentions may not be good. 
Does Red have the strength to choose him in defiance of all her friends and family? Even more importantly, is he the right man for her? 
And what she should do about Granny's warnings? 
Anything can happen in a fantasy romance. 

Red Riding Hood (Romantic Fairy Tales #1)Red Riding Hood by Carly Carson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book just didn't do it for me. Older man, Little Red. Ok, I'll bite. It's an adult tale. No, it's really more boring than anything. They kiss a few times, play a little, then at the end is the full blown sex. The in between was boring. It took me all day to get through it, and it's a short short book! I should have been able to read it in an hour. It certainly wasn't exciting as I expected it to be. No thanks.

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