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A Bad Boy is Good to Find

A Bad Boy is Good to Find by Jennifer Lewis

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When New York heiress Lizzie Hathaway finds out the man of her dreams is only after her money—which is now all gone—she knocks him unconscious with a champagne bottle, and runs off. 

Conroy Beale may be a little wayward, but he’s not heartless. When his quiet, studious Lizzie goes on a dangerous partying binge, he tracks her down, kidnaps her, and forces her to dry out. Lizzie wants revenge on everyone, including Con, and he reluctantly agrees to go along with her scheme to exploit her unwelcome notoriety for money. 

Her plan explodes in her face when she drags Con and a camera crew back to the Louisiana swamp he’s been running from all his life. Now Con must confront the pain he tried to escape, Lizzie fights feelings that don’t follow any script, and there’s that troublesome attraction that threatens to boil the bayou…

A Bad Boy is Good to FindA Bad Boy is Good to Find by Jennifer Lewis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The title of this book doesn't suit it. Conroy isn't really a bad boy. More like, misunderstood. I grew rather fond of him throughout this book. Lizzie was more annoying. She's selfish, pretentious and constantly taking things the wrong way. But, as unlikable as she is, this is still a great story. I think with a different title, the book would be more successful. I kept expecting Conroy to be a horrible bad guy, but he's not. He's amazing. The story line is quite different from other things I've read, and interesting. It was exciting to read, I didn't put it down. It's a good read, I'm sure people will enjoy it, like I said, title should be changed.

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