Thursday, June 20, 2013

Loving a Prince Charming (Fairy Tales & Ever Afters)

Loving a Prince Charming (Fairy Tales & Ever Afters) by Danielle Monsch

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Honor and Integrity were more than words to Seth - they were the values he lived his life by. As Prince of a large kingdom, putting duty before desire was vital for the prosperity and wellness of his people. If sometimes he looked at Kira – best friend since childhood and his personal guard – and regretted his betrothal to the Princess of a neighboring kingdom, well, that was the price he had to pay for his people’s happiness. 

Even if that Princess was cursed and given the nickname Sleeping Beauty.

Seth discovers the way to end the curse and, against his father’s wishes, sets off on a perilous journey to free her with Kira by his side. But Kira represents a different type of danger… Only love can break the curse, but how can Seth keep his promise to protect Sleeping Beauty when every moment with Kira makes his heart damn duty and demand its desire?

Loving a Prince Charming (Fairy Tales & Ever Afters, #3)Loving a Prince Charming by Danielle Monsch
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a short, sweet story, good twist. But there was no BANG. Nothing that just made me sit back and say wow. The characters are sweet, the story is sweet, get my point? Toothache waiting to happen from it all. Even the sexy part, wasn't too hot. I have to say, the cover is sexier than the book.

The author writes well, and the story flowed perfectly. Kira and Seth are sweet and endearing. But, you can't really connect with them, or rather, aren't given much time to. The story moves along quite fast and before you know it, it's over. It's not a bad book, just, average. If you want something like a cupcake (short and sweet) then read this. It's just no triple layer death by chocolate.

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